Monday, October 29, 2012

Art Bead Scene Challenge: October 2012

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For this month's ABS challenge, I decided to do something I had not done on Art Bead Scene before, and that was to make my own focal.  It's not a replica by any stretch of the imagination.   I didn't try to make it look the same.   I looked at the piece on my laptop...

Revolving by Kirt Schwitters 1919

Assemblage-Wood, metal, cord, cardboard, wool, wire, leather, and oil on canvas

Read more about this work of art 
on the Art Bead Scene blog

 ...then walked away to start to work on my piece.

Did I remember it exactly?  No, I was left with some vague memory of color and shapes, circles, lines, an angle.

A bit of brownish-beige, a bit of blue, a dab of green, 
a murky angle, lines.
This is the piece of brass once embossed, 
layered with patinas, and buffed.
Holes have been made in anticipation 
of the parts to be added.

Close up of the focal.   
I was planning to give this my first try at riveting, 
but my local stores did not have any small enough.
I resorted to headpins 
but they kept bending and coming loose.  
The piece will have to be redone with rivets,
but thought I would show it, pathetic though it is, 
in its current state!

I also embossed and applied patina 
to the bail I made
 and attached it,
then made a chain from hand-dyed ribbon 
and antiqued silver chain.

The chain only goes part-way up the ribbons.  
There are 2 multi-colored ribbons,
one with brownish tones, one with blue tones.  
There is a bit of sparkle along the edges
which I think adds to the look of the metal..
The ribbon drapes to the back to be tied.

It's so far from where I'd like it to be, but I do like the colors in the focal and I'm glad to have tried making all the main parts of my necklace!   

Hopefully next time you see it, it will have rivets!  :-)

Sharyl ~ Sharyl's Jewelry

NOTE:  The ABS Tour is Wed. Oct. 31st!   Visit the Current Monthly Challenge page for a tour of  the participating artists!  



Alice said...

Fabulous! I would be thrilled if I made something that looked this good! I love your idea of attaching bits a pieces, and the colors and textures are wonderful! I can't wait to see the finished piece.

Tanya said...

Sharyl, that is amazing! I love your focal, with or without rivets. :) It's absolutely perfect!

SueBeads said...

Very inventive, Sharyl! I love that focal. I don't really know how to rivet so I'll be interested to see it when it's done!

Unknown said...

I know rivets will keep it secure, but I really like the look of the headpins. I like the interpretation of the pic, rather than a straight replica. I think this is a beautiful piece, and you should be very proud of it! :)

aneri_masi said...

I had to laugh when I saw the title of this post, Sharyl made it at the last minute :)

I LOVE what you have done here, so very different from your previous work, the colors look really nice. Waiting to see the riveted version.

Sharyl said...

Actually, Kashmira, like with everything else, I started it weeks before (making the metal pieces, deciding on a design, etc.) I even finished assembling it the day before the deadline. It was the photographs and blog I was loading at the last minute! ;-)

You may be hinting that I'm a procrastinator... I'll have to wait and see! lol!

aneri_masi said...

Lol, no no, I knew you started a while back. When I said "made it", i mean, she DID IT! She's in! On time! :-)