Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's: Then and Now

Love Hearts circle 2

Do you have a favorite 
Valentine's Day memory?

I suppose that, like many people, mine was the annual tradition of creating  the box to hold the Valentine's cards. 

  • Sure it was fun preparing the cards for my classmates. 
  •  Sure it was fun receiving the cards. 
  •  It was fun getting special treats at school and at home. 
But the best part for me was decorating the shoe box with tissue paper and cutout hearts and doily hearts and sparkly glitter and whatever else could be attached to the special box with tape and glue that year!

be my valentine hearts

I hope you have many special Valentine's memories!   And I want to wish you each a Happy Valentines Weekend 2016! 

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Photos by Sharyl


ShadowDogDesigns said...

Yes, decorating the shoe box was the BEST part of Valentines Day! Hahaha . . . since we have several empty shoe boxes from recent tennis shoes purchases, I almost decided to decorate one this year - LOL! Great memories of getting the box just right! Happy Valentine's Day to you, Sharyl! BTW, made a pair of earrings with the flowers I bought from you. Got them photographed just a bit ago. Hope to have them listed in the next few days (:

Sharyl said...

Glad you agree! I got nostalgic just thinking about this too! :-) Can't wait to see your new earrings! Happy Valentines Day!