Saturday, August 18, 2012

Curated Collections and MY NECKLACE SALE!

I have two items for you today, and they are  about MY STUFF... and MY STUFF ON SALE... so I'm sure you won't want to miss out!  (And now I'm wondering,... how many of you are still reading?)   :-)

I've been highlighted in 3 "Curated" Artfire collections recently.   People can so put much time and care into creating these, I want to show them off to you for their sake as much as mine!   It's interesting how creative some of curators are in terms of theme and content!     It's also fun to see what  items get highlighted together in a collection.   Hope you enjoy!

(I've given you a photo so you can find mine in the crowd, but hoping you'll have time to look at the other items by clicking on the collection name.  Thanks!)

Fresh Mint

  Curated by AccentsandPetals | Collection Published on 08-16-2012

The Wonder of Egypt

Curated by EyecatchersBoutique
Collection Published on 08-08-2012

School Dance Bling

Curated by Rocks4Magic
Collection Published on 08-04-2012

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In other news, the sale you've been waiting for...    ;-) 

"Sharyl's Jewelry" Necklace Sale!!!

"Necklace" and "Pendant
section items
are on sale starting.... NOW! 
15% off each item
Many new items just added!


Use coupon code: NECK15 at checkout.

  •  ("Components by Sharyl" & "Hope Collection" are not included in this sale. Thanks.)  

  • Sale runs through Sun. night, Aug 26, 2012. 

  • Hope you read that clear to the end!   If so, you could end up a lucky winner!

Have a great weekend!
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aneri_masi said...

Those ARE indeed some creative themes! I used to be in a habit of creating at least one list everyday over at Luulla, and they usually were based on color or material. This makes me realize it can be anything!

Off to see the lists and then your sale!

Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Sharyl,
I read all the way through to the end. Your pieces they chose for the treasuries are beautiful I really like the necklace.

Sharyl said...

Oh, you guys are GO-OD! I was afraid I would lose you at the start with the "shameless self-promotion!" ha!

Throughout this sale, I'm planning to do daily specials that will be advertised on FB. I'll advertise as I can here too, but know I won't be able to keep up daily, so FB is the place to get the latest updates this time!

Thanks to you two and all reading to the bottom! --Sharyl