Friday, August 3, 2012

"Beads of Clay" Aug. Give-Away!

I can get a little behind the times (guffaw, snort, head shaking, knee clapping...)  Okay, okay...

Well, I've known about this group, "Beads of Clay" for nearly a year, but didn't know about monthly give-aways!   Is this new?   I'm clueless, and if it was around before, I don't know why I missed it.  I'm just glad I finally caught up to this cool event.  It is so me!  :-)   (It's probably so "you" too!)  

Just look at the items they plan to give away in August!   (Giveaways occur on the first Wed. of each month, and will come from the Professional Artisan Team.   Items will include handmade porcelain, stoneware, and earthenware beads and pendants.)

These Very Generous Donations are From:
(Left to right and top to bottom)
Lisa Nilsen -  Trollsmed
Diana Ptaszynski - Suburban Girl Beads
Vladislav Ivanov - Golem Studio
Mary Harding - Mary Harding Jewelry
Lisa Boucher - ClayworksNH
Joan Miller Joan Miller Porcelain

I'm going to check out the shops of these talented bead makers!  

***Details for how to sign up for the drawing are on the "Beads of Clay" blog! *** 

As always, I'll wish you good luck, but I'm hoping to win too!  :-)

Please note:
Photo collage of artists' work from Beads of Clay blog page:

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