Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The "Non-Reveal" Post

Some of you may be wondering what I'm up to these days.  Others of you already have some idea.   It's probably obvious I'm not producing new items at the rate I should be, so I'll explain a little, I just can't show you photos yet...

Often I'm in challenges and post a "reveal" page at the end of the challenge to show what I've made.   Until that time, development on the project is typically kept quiet so the results will be a surprise to all involved.   Those of you who have been involved in challenges, or have read about them, know what I mean.   The same is true of publishing.  Most magazines stipulate that there will be no public showing of your jewelry until after it has been published by the magazine that has accepted it for publication.   

I'm not sure how each of you feel about sharing custom order work you are doing for customers, but I follow a  strict code of privacy here as well.     Perhaps that comes in part from my library background where patron confidentiality is paramount.    Perhaps it comes in part from following too many royal weddings and hearing how no one knows who the royal dressmaker will be or what the bride's dress will look like!   ha!

Regardless, I don't share photographs of a custom order I'm working on, until the customer and I mutually agree on a time I may share it with others.  I typically don't ask until I feel the time is appropriate.   If that sounds stricter than necessary, it may be, but that's just the way I work.

Now, none of this was meant to be a lecture, or to say one way is better than another, it's just background for my story to explain what I've been working on...and will continue to work on for a few more weeks!     I've decided to share a little of the news now, because I've finally hit a milestone today!  Yippee!

The truth is, a close family member who is very dear to me is getting married near the end of June.     I'm making the jewelry for her and her wedding party!   I've mentioned this vaguely to some of you a few times, but not discussed in any detail on my blog until now.    As the time draws nearer, I'll tell you a little more about the project, lessons I've learned,  and may have a few questions for you too!   

When I began working on this many months ago, I thought, "I design jewelry, I have plenty of lead time, I can do this!   No problem!"    I spent several months just planning, designing, and ordering supplies.    Well, turns out I had some things to learn and to figure out.    I've redesigned and reordered materials several times since!      Everything has finally been planned, ordered, and has arrived!

Here are the jewelry pieces I'll be providing for this event:

  • necklace
  • bracelet
  • earrings

Bridesmaids:   (7 )
  • necklaces   (8 done!  X)
  • bracelets   (7 done!  X)
  • earrings
  • gifts for rehearsal

In addition, I'm making a "backup" necklace for both the bride and a bridesmaid and an extra pair of earrings for "just in case" last minute disasters.   AND I'll be taking my pliers to the wedding!    (There have been some jokes floating about regarding me wearing a tool belt to the wedding with my dress!)   ;-)

I started "production" with the 7 bridesmaid's bracelets.  And today, finished the last of the bridesmaids' necklaces, all 8 of them  (7 + a spare).   This has been the most worrisome part for me, and the part with the most repetition--also difficult for me.  (You know I'm a one-of-a-kind designer... so this held its own challenges!)      I feel like the hardest part is over though, and I'm on my way now!   

Hopefully, I'll be able to show you photos when the wedding is over, but for now, my bride is getting the "royal treatment!"   ;-)

What a learning-growing experience this has been and so worth every minute!   Thank goodness I have such a delightful, cooperative, go-with-the-flow, lovely young woman to work with.   As usual, I've learned so much I never even dreamed I would need to know.   

I'm so honored to be involved in her wedding in this way and hope that the jewelry turns out just the way she would like it.   She deserves the very best!

Thanks to all of you who have wished me good luck and offered support.   When I finish in a couple of weeks, I'll celebrate, then get back to business as usual.  Best wishes to all of you in this happy season of weddings and Spring!



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Unknown said...

So proud and thrilled for you my friend! I would also have had a very hard time making 8 of the same piece. I get bored making components for bracelets! So very excited for the bride, and looking forward to seeing the pieces!

Alice said...

Congratulations!! What an honor to be asked to make jewelry for such a great occasion. I would be a nervous wreck. I can't wait to see what lovely pieces you made!

Natalie -- NKP Designs said...


Sharyl said...

Thanks all! And Alice, the bride has just graduated from college and has so many things going on at once. I've told her she doesn't need to worry about the jewelry. I'm already worrying double for both of us! :-)

aneri_masi said...

Almost there!!! Wow! Yeah, that repetition would have killed me too. ANd you should totally wear a tool belt, it'll be a new fashion statement ;)