Thursday, November 28, 2013

Giving Thanks for the Unexpected

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This year, I'm giving thanks for things new... for surprises.... for things that didn't turn out as planned.   I'm giving thanks for goals unmet, for they left room for other unexpected good things to happen!

I didn't plan to take this photo.  My finger snapped with the camera by my side.  I'm honestly not sure what is in the photo.  It doesn't look like anything in my workroom, but it was taken there.  When I realized I had snapped it, I planned to delete it.  

But right before I hit delete, my eyes saw the photo, and I was immediately attracted to colors, the movement, the light. And for some reason, I loved it, and realized it might be better than any of the carefully-planned photos I had taken today, more eye-catching, more inspiring, more emotionally moving.    

That pretty much sums up my year.   I tried to keep my business going, and have, but didn't write on my blog as much as I normally would... I haven't kept up with email or Facebook as well as I should have.   At the start of the year, I planned to expand my business by getting out to more events and focusing on marketing.  And while I made some small steps, I didn't do any of that in a big way.    However, I surprised myself by suddenly becoming interested in polymer clay.   Some of my goals for the year I've exceeded. Some have gone by the wayside as I focused on different and new projects.   

Sometimes I whine and everyone knows about my little problems.   Sometimes I have a big problem and keep quite about it.   Not because I'm noble or brave, but because I'm not and can't face talking about it much.   We all have our different ways.   

The simple truth is, part way through the year, one of my unexpected  "projects" became taking care of myself in a way I never had before.   When people would say, "You're as young as you feel," I found it terribly depressing.   I felt like I was in my late 90s (and I'm not talking about those spry 90-year-old types), when I was younger than that by many a year.   I walked stooped over, couldn't stand up straight, could barely get out of a chair or roll over in bed.  Walking down the hallway at home, much less grocery shopping, had become incredibly painful. I gave up going up and down stairs.  I stopped leaving the house much at all.   I needed a driver.  I only went to doctor appointments.    

It took some very good, very devoted doctors, months of physical therapy, water therapy, and now yoga too, but I am thankful to say, I can walk upright again!    I can have entire days, even several in a row, when I don't cry or yell out in pain.  I can drive myself places again and do light shopping.   Did I mention I can walk upright?!  :-)   I don't take that for granted at all.   I have little set backs all the time, but I'm full of joy just walking through the house, down a sidewalk, going to the pool to exercise, going to yoga class even though I can't do 1/4 of the moves!  I feel myself getting stronger, and for that, I'm completely, utterly surprised, thankful, and full of hope and joy!

Now I'm thankful for many other things, but I've "confessed" enough here for one day!  Please know I'm always grateful for you, my friends, for sharing this pursuit and joy of artful jewelry making with me and each other!

Wishing each of you a very healthy, safe, and joyful Thanksgiving holiday!  May you have much to be thankful for this year too!  And may every detour bring you closer to something better!



(Believe it or not, it was one of these photographs below I was about to take when I shot the first one above!)

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Carole M. said...

Hi Sharyl, so glad I dropped by to say hello when I saw your post up. I wanted to let you know I'm so glad that you have found some improvement over where you've been through this year, and it is very important to attend to everything 'you' to keep you on track. Letting go of the other things isn't a setback, it's a way to recovery and a must-do. You are important. Keep taking good care of you. Hugs, Carole

baymoondesign said...

Sharyl-I am glad you are more mobile! Keep moving and don 't give up on yoga. It has taken me years to be able to do some f the moves and I can't do some and probably never will, but I can try! Yoga keeps me moving.

Beti Horvath said...

Wonderful post! So thankful for your continued recovery! I am looking forward to seeing more of your creations!

Sharyl said...

Thank you, my dear, wonderful friends!