Monday, December 16, 2013

Playing with Polymer Clay!

Recent polymer pendant I made.

Between holidays, giveaways, and sales... challenges and blog hops... special events (mine and others)...,  it seems like FOREVER since I've just written a blog entry about jewelry-making, pure and simple.  Well, I have so many blog topics to catch up on, it may take me a while, but today, I thought I'd bring you up-to-date on what I've been doing with POLYMER CLAY.
Some of my metal bails, recently sent to the
 Emporium of Impossible Things in Canada.

Yes, I know, METALS were my thing!   And yes, they still are!  But I started experimenting with polymer, not really expecting to like it much.  (It's like PLASTIC, for heaven's sake, and that still bugs me!)  But I confess, I'm rather hooked!   

It all started when I read on Facebook about people making some wonderful looking beads and indicating they had used a tutorial by Ginger Davis Allman  of "The Blue Bottle Tree" on Etsy.

Tutorial Rustic Beads and Components from Polymer Clay Project Fimo- Boho Distressed

Tutorial Rustic Beads and Components from Polymer Clay Project Fimo- Boho Distressed

For some reason, I never thought I liked polymer clay beads until I saw these.  These looked like pottery to me.   They were "my style!"  And I loved them!   So I bought the tutorial and gave it a try.   
A bead from the first batch

Like everything I do though, I want to skip from beginner to expert mode in a flash and skip all the stuff that comes in-between. Instead, it seems like a long, hard road, with plenty of "flops." Isn't that just the way with learning any new skill or art though?  


Sometimes, I can't decide if the pieces are really flops or just not my style.   I may like the colors, but not the shapes.  Or the shapes, but not the color.   

These are some of the first pendants I made.  I find them terribly "wonky" and I'll say so right out.  One brave soul suggested I might try making these a bit thinner, and that made a world of difference.  Thanks for that tip!  My thicknesses were not all all even either, and I'm learning to regulate the thickness of the clay a little better since I started, but still struggle.  

I used to have a terrible time trying to move the piece from my work surface to my baking surface, and finally read that the way around that was to put a bit of parchment paper down when preparing the bead, then transfer the bead, paper and all, to the baking pan.   (That was a "palm on forehead" moment!)



My fun with polymer coincided nicely with the holidays!  I started making "sugar cookie" ornaments...

These all went into the WINTER HOLIDAY JEWELRY & ORNAMENTS section!
There are more!  Check them out!

I started a "Polymer Clay Beads" section for beads and pendants.   Some were holiday-themed.  Others not.



Now that I'm hooked, I'm reading books and finding inspiration for polymer clay everywhere!  There are so many wonderful artists among us using this medium, and I just never noticed what they were using!   I'm in awe of them!

I'm trying a few slightly more advanced techniques, blending clay colors, making designs in the clay before baking, adding texture, expanding color options.   I'm starting to like what I see a bit more, but know I have so far to travel yet!


My most recent concept is to combine my metal work and polymer clay.  This purple was one of my first two pieces. 

Once I knew it would work, I tried more! 

You'll find these in a section called "Mixed Polymer and Metal"


Well, as you can imagine,
several months and many pieces later, 
I've collected so many beads and ornaments,
my store is full to the brim!

What a good time to have... 


Use coupon code SUPERPOLY to get 40% OFF in these sections:
These will appear at regular price with a "COUPON" flag in the bottom right corner of the item photo.  The discount will appear at checkout when you enter the coupon code.

Please Note:  Reduction on polymer ornaments in the "HOLIDAY" section have already been taken. The price you see is the 40% off sale price.  No code needed.  They will have a "SALE" flag in the bottom right corner of the item photo.  

Thanks for taking a look!    

* * * * * * * * * * 

Wonder where I'll head next?!  

--Do YOU work with polymer clay?   --Would you like to?   Leave us a comment!   --Link us to a photo of your work...or your store!   --If you have helpful suggestions or comments, please leave those too!  

 --If not, tell us what you ARE exploring these days!  We'd love to hear that also! 

 Thanks and Happy Holidays!
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motidana said...

Hi Sharyl ,

Greetings from India ,

I love your latest collection of mixed Polymer and metal . It`s really beautiful . Been following your blog for sometime and wanted to say that I find your creations very inspiring !


Carole M. said...

you're sure having fun with the polymer Sharon, and I couldn't help but think of the 'lollies' Bulls-Eyes, when I saw the red/white stripe ones. My favourite was the mauve oval shape near the end with the fine pin-pricks in it

Tammie T Everly said...

Keep up the good work Sharyl ~ PC is addicting. I am looking forward to a nice boring January when I can have time to get back to it! :-D

Sharyl said...

I can't begin to tell you how these 3 comments have cheered me!

Tammie, it's always so nice hearing from you and knowing I'm not alone in my new "addiction!"

Carole, thanks for writing! For anyone who doesn't know, "lollies" are candies, and I'm thrilled you found one that looked familiar, even in Australia!

Motidana, I'm so glad you introduced yourself, and thank you for your lovely comments, all the way from India! Welcome, and thanks for participating!

Thank you all so much! Your comments bring such joy! ~Sharyl

Ginger Davis Allman (The Blue Bottle Tree) said...

I'm so glad that you're having fun with polymer clay. Welcome to the addiction!! Thank you so much for the mention and I hope others will be inspired to check out how versatile polymer is and have some fun of their own.

Combining the clay and the metal is just brilliant. What else will you come up with? It's so great that you're well on your way to making magic in entirely new ways. Awesome!!

Tammy said...

Found your blog via a link from The Blue Bottle Tree on FB. So much fun to read about your journey with pc. Love what you're doing with metals and pc together. Thanks for sharing so many great photos. Now that you've been infected with the polymer clay bug, beware the temptation to cover with pc everything and anything that can be baked. ;)

Natalie -- NKP Designs said...

I love reading about your journey and seeing so many of those lovely polymer beads you are creating. Keep going!!!

Sharyl said...

Thank you, Tammy, for writing and letting me know what I'm in for! ha! :-)

Thanks to Natalie for your ongoing encouragement!

Thanks to Ginger for posting this on your blog so that others came by to see it! I also greatly appreciate your help and encouragement in all things polymer!