Tuesday, June 24, 2014

For the love of Ireland!

Posting a few photos taken in Dublin, Ireland today!  
This is the city we believe my father's family came from, 
so I was especially eager to arrive here.

How eager?

My phone:  4:22am, June 1.
Well, lets just say that before the sun rose,
I awoke to find us pulling into port!
I was so excited,
it was hard to go back to sleep
and wait for the sun to rise!

But once it did, what a lovely day!
Much like France, Scotland, and England,
Ireland has some fabulous bridge architecture!

We toured around the city 
and I soaked in the sites,
until we arrived 
at one of our feature attractions for the day:
Trinity College.

Books in the Old Library at Trinity College, Dublin.
(With 2 librarians in the family, we had to take a photo of this!)

Can you guess what we waited in line there to see? 

 (Hint:  I wasn't allowed to take a photo of it!)

Yep,...  The Book of Kells! 
(Click link above to see digital images from the Book of Kells!)

Then back in the tour bus and on to more adventures.

Admittedly, this is a poor photo
taken through a moving bus window as we scurried through Dublin.
And, it's of a not-very-interesting looking building.
However, I'm including it for the Joyceans among us.

(Read more here!)

Then, on to Dublin Castle...
This tower was the oldest remaining part remaining of this castle.
(I won't show you the dungeon--dark and smelly!)

In a newer section is the James Connelly Room...

...and another room has a throne where Queen Victoria once sat.

Oh, there is more,...

So much, much more!

It's so challenging to capture the entire view of a room
when all the walls, the ceiling,
and even the carpets are so notable!
So I took my photos in bits and pieces,
capturing what I could as best I could.
This link shows an illustration of the room as a whole,
but though I tried to photograph the 3 ceiling panels,
none turned out well.
You see a bit of the ceiling paintings in the upper right of the photo above.

I will stop with this lovely piece,
a macro shot above a doorway.

Now some of you know I've been celebrating my Celtic roots for years, in the form of music-appreciation, literature, and art.   Celtic designs have inspired me in my jewelry-making and will do so even more in the future, I'm sure!  

There are many designs; this is just one!

So I'm currently running a sale on all things Celtic-inspired in my store.  I've already marked the prices down so no coupon-code is needed.  
Just follow this link to see jewelry and components with a Celtic theme!  

Hope you've enjoyed seeing more about my trip!

Best wishes!



Celtic Shamrock:

All photos by Sharyl, June 2014.


Carole M. said...

Hi Sharyl, how lovely a journey this had been for you; beautiful photos to share. Would've been very special to view the famous Book of Kells. I've been travelling too... Carole at http://snaphappyonline.blogspot.com.au/

Sharyl said...

Thanks, Carole! We had a wonderful time! I've had you on my mind so much of late. I'll come pay your blog a visit and see what you've been up to! Thanks for dropping by!

Sharyl said...

Carole, I don't seem able to leave you message right now, so I hope you see this. Your photos of the Northern Territory are amazing! I've never been that far north, but have some rellies there! What beautiful country!

baymoondesign said...

Your photos are wonderful. I visited Dublin also. We saw everything you posted photos of except the castle. We saw another one. Thanks for enabling me to revisit my trip with yours. I would love to go back to Ireland again.

AntiquityTravelers said...

Oh I recognize all these spots! we were in Ireland for Christmas this year and had such a great time (despite the rain - LOL). I grew up in Oregon, so I was pretty used to all that weather. Really love these designs you're making!

Shel said...

Lovely photos Sharyl - I'm still drooling over the library pic!! And, I just purchased the copper Celtic disks in your artfire shop - how wonderful are those - great design! Can't wait to get them, put some ear wires on them and wear some 'celtic goodness'. Thanks for sharing your vacation, it's been fun visiting Ireland through you!!

Sharyl said...

Thanks to you all for your comments! Glad these photos bring back good memories to many of you or offer a peak at a spot you haven't seen before.

Shel, many thanks for the purchase. Hope you enjoy the Celtic dangles!

Here Bead Dragons said...

Love the pictures and your descriptions. Hope to go there someday soon.