Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sale ends tonight! Then what?!

As I recently announced, I'm closing my "Sharyl's Jewelry" Artfire store soon.

2/12/2015 at midnight in some time zone... :-)   .... the 35% off all items sale will end. Until then, please use code:  CLOSING35 if you make a purchase!

You may be wondering, "What happens next?"

  • I'll be moving some items to my other two stores.

  • Keeping some for event inventory

  • And having one last quick sale on remaining items before closing the store for good.

Hope you'll stay tuned for updates here and on my website.  You can easily link to my stores, get latest info on sales, leave me a comment, and more there!  

I greatly appreciate all of you who have shopped my Artfire store over the years.  You have my sincere thanks!    A reminder to all that my two Metapolies™ (Etsy and ACM)  will remain open. Hope you continue to visit me there!   



 Sale poster by Sharyl.
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