Thursday, November 8, 2012

Metal Work Ideas for the Holidays

This pendant just added!
Aged Brass Holiday Pendant

I posted a blog entry on "Artisan Whimsy" this morning, "Metal Work Ideas for the Holidays." If you are interested in learning basic metal work techniques and about the tools and supplies needed, you may want to take a look. It's a way to learn basic metal working skills while making winter holiday-themed metal components.  In addition to my own, the post features the work of 
Heidi Mansfield Kingman  as well as Lisa Liddy!

Then again, if you prefer not to invest in the tools and supplies, you can visit my online store and find them for sale now!  ;-)

This pair just added!

Happy pre-holidays!


P.S. If you haven't joined the new blog, "Artisan Whimsy," this will be a great time to check it out!  

This has grown out of the "Creative Bead Chat" Facebook Group, also known as "CBC."  New informative blog entries on all sorts of jewelry topics and techniques every day!  

Please let me know if either of these indicates you need an invitation to join.  I'll be happy to get you invitation!  

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Holy Moly, girl, how am I ever gonna pick? Both of those are gorgeous!