Friday, November 16, 2012

Some early gratitude!

In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday,...

I've seen some people on Facebook this month listing one thing each day they are grateful for.     While I'm a very grateful person, I haven't tried that.  I fear it would go the route my New Year's resolutions used to go...back when I made them.  About 3 days in, I'd be forgetting what I was supposed to be doing!   Good intentions and all...

But I can tell you that I'm grateful for so many things this year!   

  • I'm grateful for my loving family that cares for me when my health fails, supports me in my endeavors, cheers me on in my successes!   
  • I'm grateful for wonderful friends, neighbors, and colleagues, who share their knowledge without the worry of competition, who are ready for a chat or a walk or a meal out when I am.   
  • I'm exceptionally grateful to have had this blog and you dear participants with me for over a year.   
  • And I'm ever so happy to be approaching the one-year anniversary of my online store on Artfire.   Without your help, support, and suggestions (and liking and friending...) that never would have happened!   I'm up to 92 sales and crossing my fingers and hoping I hit 100 before the year is up!   

In order to help some folks out with a handmade holiday bargain...while hopefully meeting my goals, I've just reduced 16 items (including several holiday items) to up to 50% off!   If you are interested, please visit the new "Clearance Sale" section of my Sharyl's Jewelry store on Artfire!

Thanks to you all!  ~Sharyl

P.S.   My copies of the Dec. 2012 issue of "Beads Trends" just arrived, and I'm also grateful that a piece of mine is published there!     Whoo-pie!    :-)


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Unknown said...

I'm so very thrilled for you, sweet woman! And not at all surprised at your sales, your pieces are beautiful! Have a great weekend.

Alice said...

Congratulations on being featured in the December issue of Bead Trends!!!! I wonder when it will be out on the stands....

Sharyl said...

Ahh... thank you, Shirley and Alice! You say the sweetest things! I'm not sure when it will hit the stands. They've had the online version for sale for a couple of weeks, while I went nuts with excitement waiting for my print copies. Imagine they will hit the stands soon though!

Carole M. said...

congrats. Sharyl on being published; a lovely Christmas gift for you; well done!

aneri_masi said...

Completely agree with what Shirley said!
Where are the pics? I wanna seeeeee!