Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Comments, Raw Brass, and Goldilocks...

I love hearing from you all and reading your comments.  I was recently flattered that Shirley Moore, author of the  "Beads and Bread" Blog, made this comment on my last post:  "I wish I could've seen that brass flower before you started, I bet it was such a huge contrast...."

Well, it just so happens that the raw brass flower pendant came from a packet of 4, and was the first one I tried.  

So thanks for speaking up, Shirley!  Here is a comparison photo for you and anyone else who is interested!

** Does anyone have color suggestions 
for the other 3 flowers?! **

I should do more of showing my works in progress.  
I did take these two as I was making the necklace:

I was planning to add some black stone beads, 
but decided it seemed too crowded.

Then I played with omitting the red beads, 
but decided they should go in!  
It was a bit like 
"Goldilocks and the Three Bears."
There was a lot of experimenting 
to get to the feel of
"just right!"

The necklace was done for the Art Bead Scene Dec 2012 challenge.  You can click here to take a look and read more about it if you missed my last post.

You may also want to take a look at the ABS Blog Tour for this event that was prepared by Erin Prais-Hintz of Tesori Trovati.   You'll be able to quickly see all the fantastic entries and read a brief description.   I think we were all duly inspired by this piece of art! 

Sleeping Beauty by Erté, 1983
I want to thank all of you who have taken the time to join and read my blog this year, those who have left comments and suggestions, participated in give-aways and challenges, and shared in so many ways!  It means so much to me that you are here!

Happy New Year 2013 to each of you!  I'm excited for this new year and sharing it with you!


(Reminder:   Jan. 2 is last day of holiday sale!  
Components are included!)



Carole M. said...

neat post Sharyl; I'm sure that would make interesting future posts to see your projects in the making

Moois van mie said...

how beautiful!

Unknown said...

Ok, you want a challenge? How about the new Pantone color for 2013? :)
I think it's emerald, but please doublecheck that....

Sharyl said...

Thank you, both! I may try to do more of showing the process, Carole. I know I find it interesting to see others "in action" rather than just the end-product. Thanks for your feedback!

Others, please feel free to weigh in on the topic!

Sharyl said...

Great idea, Shirley! Being Irish, anything green sounds good to me! I'll check the new colors though!