Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Feb ABS 2013 Challenge Reveal and Ideas for You!

I was determined I had too much work to catch up on to participate in the Art Bead Scene February Challenge.  But I just HAD to take a peak to see what the artwork inspiration for the month was... 

Heijinja, 1941
Tōshi Yoshida
Woodblock Print

 ... and  of course, I loved it so much, I immediately began creating a piece.   

Then, I was so happy with the way it turned out, I decided to submit it for publication. So of course, that means I'm unable to show that one.   Bummer, but I was happy to be so inspired!

In the mail that day, arrived some lovely beads from Gardanne Beads I had ordered, and I was inspired all over again.  This time, I made earrings.   

Red enameled filigree dangles by "Gardanne Beads"

I obviously went for color inspiration in my designs this time,
but the lacy filigree also reminded me of the carvings on the pagoda.
I was attracted to the gray in the print just as much as the red.
It makes such a contrast--the smooth, cool, calming gray
next to the bright, attention-getting red.

Red nugget lampwork by "Gardanne Beads"
Mottled gray spacer lampwork beads from "Art by Lisi"

I used gunmetal wire and ear wires
with silver ox accent beads to keep with the cool, gray look
seen on the roof of the pagoda.

My finished earrings!
It's a very simple design, but I'm happy with the look,
all thanks to lovely handmade art beads!

I'll be listing soon in "Sharyl's Jewelry!"

* * *
More on beads and inspiration...!

In both pieces of the jewelry I made, I ended up using pieces I had on hand, but I had also done some searching and just loved some of the items I found!    In hopes you might be interested in participating in this month's challenge, I want to share with you  a few of the  lovely pieces I discovered!

One of my all-time favorite shops is  Bits of Treasures, found on Etsy!  Some of my  very first purchases on Etsy were from this shop,  and I've highlighted some of the pendants from here in the past.    So I especially went looking there for ideas.  I found two pieces I absolutely loved and thought would be perfect for this challenge!   (Now mind you, these are Chinese pottery shards and the artwork is Japanese, but they are clearly in the spirit of the piece.)    

PAGODA - Pottery Shard   $7USD

This one picks up the pagoda image, including a bit of red.

CONTEMPLATING - Pottery Shard Pendant  $6.50USD

This one reminds me of the women in the art piece.

Another approach to the challenge is to be inspired by the color palate.   I went looking for red and gray lampwork and found these lovely beads at Snazzy Doodle Designs on Etsy !

          Red and Grey Lampwork Bead Set  $14USD

I love that each bead is unique.   The colors match the pagoda in the print.
These would be perfect for a more modern representation of the artwork.

Finally, this is a finished piece from BeadKRap on Etsy,  but I inquired and she does sell beads with bead caps upon request.      I've encouraged her to enter this in the ABS Challenge!    This is a store to keep your eye on!  

             Grey Hollow Glass Bead Necklace with Red End Caps 

($50USD for the necklace.)

She explained to me that she makes the caps individually to fit the beads.  

She then rivets the caps onto the beads which are filled with other beads.   
Some of her beads sell for as low as $5 each, 
but you will need to chat with her about specifics.   

I hope these help spark a few ideas for you, and encourage you to participate in the ABS Monthly Challenge!    For even more inspiring beads for the challenge, see what Erin Prais-Hintz at ABS posted!  

Happy Creating!   Thanks for taking a look at my submission as well!   



Image Credits:

*Please note, the woodblock print is still under copyright and is to be used only for inspiration for the challenge.

*Photos of earrings and components for my entry, taken by me.

*The last four photos are the property of the store owners, used here by permission.



Sharyl said...

Kashmira, look how early I am this month! ha! ;-)

Natalie -- NKP Designs said...

Loving all the yummy jewelry and beads!!!

Gardanne said...

Thanks so much Sharyl. We must have been channeling each other because the name of that red enamel is "orient red," that filigree really does have an oriental feel. I always think of red and black as a combo, but the red and grey gunmetal works.
I often check out the ABS blog for some color combinations when I am stuck.
Good luck with the submission, please let me know I have a coupon code when my customers get published.

flourishjeweller said...

I really love it. Love the glazes, and all jewellers are cute design!

pilgrim jewellery

Karin Slaton said...

Really striking earrings, and great post full of inspiration. Congratulations on being chosen ABS Designer of the Week. Much deserved!!

Sharyl said...

Thank you all so much! It's always a pleasure working with Anne and Lisa's beads!

And my sincere thanks to Marie-Noel Voyer-Cramp for the ABS honor!