Friday, February 1, 2013

Give-away Announcement!

I really can't thank you all enough for taking the time to participate in my Give-away activity this week!   The feedback is very helpful to me, and it was fun seeing which items each of you liked best.   While there turned out to be a couple of favorites, your own unique tastes came through in your wide variety of choices!

Now, on to the Give-away!

I assigned each person who responded a single number in the order your comments came through.   Typically I have a family member draw a name, but this time I used, a random number generator.    We had 24 unique entries and the number that came up was #9.    #9 is Shirley Moore!     I'm giving Shirley a $30 gift certificate so she can make her final choice on her gift from my store.


For the rest of you...

special offerI really wish I could give everyone the item(s) you picked, but I can't quite pull that off.   What I am going to do is offer you a special coupon code for  40%  off any order you make in my store from now through Feb. 8th.  The code is only good for one time, but it is good for your entire order should you decide to use it.   I'll not be posting the code elsewhere.  This one is just for you.

 The code is:    GIVEAWAY40     ...and you will need to type that in as you checkout to get the discount.

The 40% off is good on everything in the store:   jewelry, components, destash beads, even clearance items!  (If you happen to encounter any problems with the coupon, please let me know ASAP!   I'll take care of it for you.)

No pressure intended...
 but should you decide you would like to take another look,
 this is the link to Sharyl's Jewelry on Artfire.
(I don't mean this as a gimmick,
just a way of thanking you all, 
and hope you take it in that spirit.)

Many thanks again 
and hope you have a good weekend!
See you back here soon, I hope!



AliMc said...

Congrats Shirley! Thanks for the coupon offer Sharyl, that is very generous :). Wish I could take advantage of it, but my budget is currently on a "no new beads diet" :(.

Sharyl said...

I understand that predicament perfectly! I have times like that too.

I will say to all that I debated about ways to make this offer, and finally decided on a percentage, but may do differently next time, like a $ amount off instead.

I hope you and all will keep participating! Always another give-away just around the corner!

Unknown said...

Congrats to Shirley Moore!! And I am definitely taking you up on your offer. I saw a couple things I want to get for my Alzheimer's fundraiser/benefit. THANK YOU Sharyl. Love your work and now you made it possible for me to share with others. PLEASE SEND EXTRA BIZ CARDS!!! xxoo ~ Shelley

Unknown said...

Thank you so much sweet woman! Oh, I love to shop!!!

Sharyl said...

Thanks to both of you! Shelley, I'm so pleased to hear about your Alzheimer's benefit. I'll be donating money from your purchase too, so the fight against the disease wins twice! I will be happy to send extra cards your way!

And Shirley, I'm thrilled you are thrilled! :-) I'm always happy to hear that people like my work enough to wear it or use it in their own designs! What a true pleasure!

Thanks to all who have commented and/or taken me up on my offer. You warm my heart! Continued thanks for being here! ~Sharyl