Sunday, July 7, 2013

Independence Day Sale, Store Update, Metal Questions

Sale Reminder:

Today is the last day of the Independence Day Sale at Sharyl's Jewelry!  (Although it's possible the coupon code will still last through part of Monday.   It's good while it lasts!)     

Use this coupon code at checkout:   

to get 15% off all items in the store!

Store Update:

Hope you've had a good holiday!   I've been working on more new jewelry and handmade components.   Unfortunately, they will not be ready right away.  The jewelry pieces I have ready still need to be photographed. Some are for special projects and can't be shown yet.  And the components are in their early stages:   I'm still preparing the metal.   I recently purchased 5 new embossing folders, and I'm anxious to use them!  First, though, a few kinks to work out of the system.  Please read below!  

Metal Questions:

I often get asked questions about metal work and supplies, even though I've only been at this work for about a year.   I've been happy to share what I know, but today is turnaround time.   I have some questions  and hope some of you may have some suggestions for me!

1)  I continue to have the hardest time finding a good supplier of copper sheet metal.   My local hardware store worked well for quite a while, and offered it in packages at a fairly reasonable rate (less expensive than I could find it online, and I like to buy local even though it's a chain).  It was also handy to be able to go just a few blocks away and pick up a few sheets when I needed it.   However, over the last 6 months or so, they've stopped carrying it consistently. I can order it and they'll get it in. Then I have to coordinate a time to get it between when the shipment comes in and before it goes out on the shelf, but without them holding it for me.  (???)  I'm sure if we do this a few more times, we'll get the process down so it goes more smoothly.  It takes a couple of weeks for the shipment to arrive, so it's not handy if I've let my supply get too low.   They have the nicest staff and are very nice to arrange the order, but I need something faster and more convenient.  

I found another source online that offered even better prices, but didn't take PayPal unless you called ahead and made special arrangements.   Months later, I still haven't remembered to do that.   I need something I can go to, order, and have it be delivered through the mail.   And of course, at the best rate possible.   

Any ideas for me?   

2)  I've been using a sealant with my color patinas I was very happy with, but recently it seems rather sticky/gooey when it should be dry.   I've made several items with this result and so I'm not applying any more from this bottle.  (I'll strip the pieces to the bare metal and redo them.) The bottle is about 1/2 full/empty.   I've shaken it well each time I've used it, but perhaps it is just what happens after a while?

I'm trying to quickly decide whether to buy another bottle of the same  or try something new.  I know some have had good luck with aerosol sealants, but I'm not supposed to use those.   Do you have sealants you like that work well with color patina products?   Renaissance Wax seems to make the color disappear.    It works very well with copper that has been darkened.    What I have been using with color is a Vintaj liquid product.   I will contact Vintaj and/or sellers of their products to see if they have suggestions.  I'm not trying to diss them.   I've been very happy with their product until very recently, and maybe it's just time I get a new bottle. Still, I would welcome your thoughts and suggestions about other products too!

**Customers, please note:    

  • I don't believe I've sold any metal components that were defective, with the sealant in this gooey state, but if you feel you have purchased components from me with this problem, I would greatly appreciate it if you would contact me  directly immediately.
  • (Contacting me through the Sharyl's Jewelry store on ArtFire will be the best way to reach me.  Use the "Contact Seller" link on the main page.)   
  •  I have always tried to make sure components are dry and the sealant hardened before they go in the packages to be mailed.  I typically wait 24 hours after the last coat of sealant to wrap, but 12 hours minimum.   **

Thanks to you all for your help and advice!    Hope you've had a good holiday!



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