Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Color Inspiration Challenge Update!

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First of all, welcome to our new followers!   We've gained a few recently, so it seems a good time to stop and say that I'm grateful for all 149 of you!   Please join in, ask questions, and share!  

Now back to some previous business... when I wrote the blog post with the flower photographs and using the colors as inspiration, I encouraged you to take a “mini-challenge” with me and I’d post your photos on my blog.  I was thinking I might get a couple of takers, but I’m happy to see that quite a few of you responded! Now I’m thinking this will be better arranged as a small blog hop.  I hope you’ll agree.

I didn’t ask for enough information to be entirely clear as to whether you were voicing your favorite color combinations or intending to contribute a photo of one of your designs last time, so I’m going to take as step back (as I often do) and ask for more info! 

Sorting Things out:

I’ve made a list of those who responded, that I thought might be wanting to participate. It appears below. Please take a look.

  • If you would like to participate, please send me the following information if it is not included: your name, your blog name, and your blog URL.
  • (If you do not have a blog  and wish to participate, please let me know. I’m still happy to host your entry on my blog page!)
  • If I have you listed, but you do not wish to participate in the challenge, please let me know that.  My apologies!   (Also, if you do not send the other information, you will be deleted from the list of participant list.)

Draft Participant List:
Note:  I'm updating the list as I see your messages!

Kashmira Patel   .....    Sadafulee...always in bloom!     (confirmed!)

Norbel Marolla      (If you would like to create a piece, you can post on my blog.)
DeleteElena Adams    (If you don't have a blog, you are welcome to post on my blog.)

BloggerSharyl McMillian-Nelson     Sharyl’s Jewelry     (confirmed!)

BloggerValerie Garber ....   Work Of Our Hands  (Valerie, did you want to do the blog hop?)
Lisa Lodge  ......     Blogger A Grateful Artist - Pine Ridge Treasures   (confirmed!)
BloggerDolores Raml     (If you don't have a blog, you are welcome to post on my blog.)

Chris  ....   Wanderware
BloggerTanty Sri Hartanti   ....   TJewellicious by Tanti       (confirmed and updated!)

BloggerKathy Lindemer ....  Bay Moon Design    (confirmed!)

BloggerHeather ....    (If you don't have a blog, you are welcome to post on my blog.)Blogger

Laren Dee Barton ... Laren Dee Designs       (new/confirmed!)

Melissa Trudinger  ... Beadrecipes     

Sat, July 27:  
Need blog list info. 

  • I need your name, blog name, and blog URL  so I can prepare the blog list and repost, and you can add it to your blogs.   
  • If you don't have a blog, you are welcome to post on mine.  Just let me know that. 
  • I’ll continue to accept entries until July 27 so please feel free to join if you haven’t! 
  • You can also feel free to spread the word! 

Wed, July 31:
Entries from those posting on my blog due.

  • Send a photo or two and any text in a Word file in a private message to my Sharyl's Jewelry facebook page by Wed. July 31 so I have time to prepare them.   

Fri, Aug. 2:
Blogs should be ready to post by 11:45pm Friday night Central time, Aug. 2, 2013, so they will be ready for Sat., Aug. 3 reveal! 

Sat. Aug 3:
Official Reveal Date!

Sun. Aug 4:
Random prize winner selected from among participants!
  • Photos, color options, and guidelines are all on this page!    (It's SO EASY to participate!!!
  • You can grab the Challenge image (top of page) for your blog entry and/or as a badge for your blog border.   
  • If you have questions, changes, want to add or drop, please let me know!   Many thanks for playing along!   




baymoondesign said...

Thanks for the clear directions and timeline!

Anonymous said...

I am in for the blog hop! Can't wait to see everyone's jewelry!

aneri_masi said...

Count me in :)

Anonymous said...

I'll join in! Melissa Trudinger