Friday, October 18, 2013

"Seed Bead and Metal Blog Hop" Reveal!

Welcome to the "Seed Bead and Metal Blog Hop" Reveal!   Thank you all for joining us to take a look at the special designs created for this challenge.  
A special thanks to Shirley Moore, co-host of this event, who handmade all the seed bead components that went into each packet.   And our thanks to the participants who purchased their packets and created jewelry using our components.   It is always a thrill to see our works taken and made into some new and lovely creation at the hands of talented designers, so we thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for this opportunity you give us today!

We have 11 participants, including ourselves.  The list will be provided at the end of this page, so you can hop from blog-to-blog to see all the entries!   Please do so and leave a message so everyone will know you paid them a visit!  

On my page, will be not only my entry, but those of two other designers, so please keep reading, scrolling, and enjoying until the end!  

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Sharyl McMillian-Nelson  -- (Co-host) 
"Sharyl's Jewelry"

The inspiration for my design started with this diamond-shaped seed bead piece made by our co-host, Shirley Moore. Like everyone else, I honestly wasn't sure what was in my own packet until I opened it, and that was just the way I wanted it.   

Even though I had assembled the items in the packets, trying to make sure each person would have some kind of inspiration to draw on in terms of colors, fabrics, beads, etc, I found myself rejecting parts of what I had put in my own packet when I created it!   Items in my packet included:

Out of my batch of goodies, I ended up using the diamond seed bead piece (by Shirley), the 2 round green patina brass components (by me), some of the jump rings, and the sari ribbon. 

I added 9 handmade lampwork beads in greenish shades from a chain of "orphan" beads I purchased from Eleanor at LilysOffering some time ago.  I also included creamy-colored stone beads, and three types of copper beads.   

In the back of the necklace I used the soft sari ribbon. It simply ties in a bow.   It's plaid in yellow and lime colors.

For the front of the necklace, I made an embossed bail to match the lime green round disks I later used for earrings. From this I hung a lampwork bead and Shirley's beaded diamond.

 When the necklace was complete, I made coordinating earrings, using my lime green patinated components from the packet, dark green lampwork beads (still part of the orphan chain), and other small accent beads.   

I'll admit, I spent more time designing this piece, putting it together, taking it apart, trying it a variety of different ways... than I normally do.  It didn't come easy to me this time.  I was really hoping to do Shirley's piece justice and I hadn't worked with seed bead work like this before.  I certainly enjoyed integrating it into this jewelry though.   And I look forward to using my 3 little beaded balls in another piece soon! 

* * * * *

 Candy Wham -- (Participant)

The package Candy received.

Candy reports, "I made earrings using the handmade ear wires, the discs Sharyl made, the (carnelian) beads included in my package, the copper twist looking jump rings, and the fabric that was tied to box. With that I wrapped around the darker jump rings sent. I also used my own gears, copper daisy beads, vintage and Czech beads and copper wire." 

The ribbon wasn't the yellow sari ribbon from her packet, but brown and dusty pink cotton batik fabric tied around the gift box.  "I had to use the fabric, I loved it!" says Candy.


Sharyl's Comments:  What a great idea for integrating textiles into jewelry design! I love how it's wrapped between the beads!  Framing the copper bird disks with the gears also seems inspired!   What delightful earrings!   I love them top to bottom!

 Angi Mullis -- (Participant)

The package Angi received.

Angi used the copper leaf embossed and patinated discs and Czech glass beads, along with delicate bead caps and white flower petal beads to create these lovely earrings!

And just look what follows! The multicolor brown hand-dyed silk ribbon is integrated with copper chain and shell beads...

... which make up the back of the necklace.   (Isn't the light lovely in this photograph?!)

A close-up of the copper bail by Sharyl and the twisted seed-beaded component by Shirley Moore.

A final look at the complete necklace by Angi Mullis.   

Sharyl's Comments:  I find this so beautifully done, with such attention to detail. There's even a dangle of the brown ribbon at the end of the beaded pendant! Although it wasn't at all required, it looks like Angi used every piece she received in her package! (I'm also so in awe of the photography here! The tree and lighting really make a dramatic setting for Angi's jewelry!)

                                               * * * * *

Other Participants:

I'm really impressed by what I have seen so far, but there is more to come! Please visit our other participants below:

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Thank you all for visiting today!  We hope you enjoy the event!  ~Sharyl & Shirley

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Amy S. said...

Just gorgeous!!! Sharyl I love your piece and the way you incorporated the glass blown beads and fabric. I adore the fabric in Candy's earrings. And I'm drooling over Angi's necklace. Frankly - I'm just a huge fan of adding fabric to jewelry design!

Ann Schroeder said...

What a fun challenge! I love everything I've seen so far and will enjoy hopping to the other blogs.

I LOVE Sharyl's necklace with Shirley's beautiful seed bead diamond and that gorgeous bail. Everything about it is just right.

Sharyl's discs on top of those gears in Candy's earrings are great. And I love her use of fabric. Not only how she used it, but that it was the fabric that was part of the packaging. I do that too!

Angi really had some lovely pieces to start with. The ribbon in the necklace is used so well, and I like how the flower drops on the earrings echo the flora pattern in the metal discs.

Unknown said...

See? That's why I struggle so much with earrings! I want mine to look like yours! Those are just gorgeous, I love the darker green setting them off. I think that necklace looks awesome, I've got to try the ribbon, I bet that feels so good on the back of the neck.
Candy: I adore those earrings! Using the fabric in them is just genius. It really ties the components together. Well done!
Angi: Those earrings are so sweet, I love the little flowers hanging from the bottom. You really have a winner in that necklace! Love how the rope twists to mimic the twist in the bead. Awesome job!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! All three of you did a great job! I just love the colors in your pieces, Sharyl.. I thought you did Shirley's piece justice for sure. I posted the blog hop on my Pine Ridge Treasures page for you. :-)

Beti Horvath said...

Where to begin! Sharyl, you integrated the colors in the packet and the lampwork beads so beautifully! And the ribbon is lovely and soft next to them. And being an earring fan, I love what you did with yours!

Candy, as stated above, I am an earring fan, so I gravitate to the earrings. I love that wrap of fabric! And the gears are nothing shot of inspired. They no doubt give the earrings a little extra "swing."

Angi, I'm running out of words here. Beautiful work, beautiful photos, and a great use of your packet!

Thanks for the wonderful challenge, Sharyl and Shirley!

Tanya said...

Sharyl, I love your necklace. Your bail works so well with Shirley's component. I love how you used the sari in the back of the necklace -- I should have tried that. Your earrings are perfect.

Tanya said...

Candy's earrings are awesome. I love the gears paired with Sharyl's components and the use of the ribbon is perfect.

Tanya said...

I love the way Angi used your bail and Shirley's pendant. The ribbon and the beads make the necklace look so lush.

Anonymous said...

All 3 packages were unique And so were the designs. All have done a great job. The Different Ways Ribbon Was Used Is So Imaginative. Perfect Backdrop On Angi's Piece To Compliment Her Designs.

Unknown said...

I am so in awe of the creativity of Sharyl and Angi! Beautiful and creative pieces. Thank you for letting me participate :) Now off to check out the other participants.

Pepita said...

So many lovely pieces!! I just love the combination of different materials you used!

Sharyl said...

On behalf of Angi, Candy, and myself, thank you for the uplifting comments! They are such a joy to read!

Unknown said...

SHARYL: Green is my fav color and you hit it out of the park, girlfriend! Love your personal style and how you incorporated all the elements into necklace and earrings. Shirley's focal is a beautiful and unusual safe and you brought it to life front and center. Your bail adds so much to the design, too, just love it. I love-love-love your pieces! Great job, way to go, Sharyl!!

CANDY: Beautiful design, use of fabric from gift box, overall colors with discs and gears. I think anyone would love to wear these, Candy!

[I don't see Shirley's focals in the final design, have I missed something? I love the sari silk that Sharyl included in this kit as it pulled those lemon-greens together.]

ANGI: Beautiful designs, Angi, love them very much. Great use of all components, just very, very pretty - creative, thoughtful, textural. Great job!!

Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Sharyl,
You, Candy and Angi did a beautiful job. Sharyl your earrings are gorgeous I love the darker green glass beads with the lime green in your metal disks. The necklace is beautiful with all the different shades of green they really bring Shirley's beaded component together with your metal components and the silk in the back is a very nice and comfortable touch to the necklace.
Candy's earrings are beautiful I love her design and the use of the fabric twisted into a fabric bead.
Angi's earrings and necklace are both beautiful designs. The necklace really does Shirley's beaded bead justice. The earrings are gorgeous with the Czech glass beads and the little bell flowers go well with the stamped design in your metal disks.

Anonymous said...

WOW! I'm so impressed with enormously talented designers participating in this blog hop!

Sharyl - I love the way you mixed the greens in your necklace and earrings. It makes it both edgy and soft at the same time! (Is that possible? :-)) Also, the ribbon on the back is a great idea for both comfort and design. I loved how you showcased Shirley's bead!

Candy - You blow me away! I've never seen anyone use ribbon in this way. With the ribbon wrapped rings and adding the gears to Sharyl's metal components, you made some of the most unique and creative earrings I've ever seen! Great Job!

I would like to thank Sharyl and Shirley for giving me the opportunity to participate in this challenge. I had a blast! Thank you to everyone for all of your wonderful comments! I'm off to see what everyone else has created!

Angi Mullis