Sunday, October 13, 2013

"This and That"

Growing up in my small town, there was a lovely woman who wrote a chatty little column in the weekly newspaper called "This n' That by Pansy Penner."  In that column you might find out which friends had paid her a visit, who had their in-laws over for dinner and what they served, what former high school student in town won an award 15 years ago, who was ill that week, who went on vacation, who celebrated a birthday or anniversary, and any other news of equal importance to her and others in town!  It was a way to keep up on things you would not find out anywhere else, and sometimes it was just a hoot to read.   Stories about gatherings often ended with this phrase, "A fun time was had by all!"   It's funny how after all these years, some of these words, phrases, and stories have remained with me.   Just little bits and pieces of this and that...

That's what today's blog post is...some bits of news I want to make sure you hear about!

#1 --  Blog Hop Reminder!

First of all, a reminder to all participating in the "Seed Bead and Metal Blog Hop,"  Shirley Moore and I hope you've enjoyed creating your jewelry from the pieces you were sent!  The blog hop is Sat, Oct. 19th.

  • Your pages should be ready to go live Friday night around 11:30pm Central time.  
  • If you are posting your photos and text on my blog, please have to me by Wed. so I have time to get added to my page!   If you are on Facebook, please send your file to me via private message.  If not, email me at sharylsjewelry (at) kc (dot) surewest (dot) net
  • I will repost the list of participants to be included in your blog pages later this week.  

#2-- SALE!

I'm putting everything at Sharyl's Jewelry on sale for the next week, through Sun, Oct 20, 2013, at 20% off!   Please use this coupon code at checkout:  FALLSALE

SPECIAL! 11-piece Autumn component set, altered brass AC13-059

#3-- Local Event:  

For any of you in the Kansas City area, I will have a booth at the Holiday Treasures Craft Festival Sat., Oct. 26, 9am-4pm, in Shawnee, KS!  Tanya Goodwin will be joining me!   Come visit us!

#4--Prize Winner of Components:

The winner of the patina prize did not claim her gift, so I will announce a new winner soon.

 * * * * * *
Now, "This and That" news can't be just about me, but must also be about friends and neighbors!   So are some newsy bits about others I'd like to share!

#5--TreeWingsStudio Updates:

Rebekah Payne of TreeWingsStudio is having a sale and a give-away!   Check out these precious items:

These 3 darling items will be given away!
Visit the Tree Wings Studio site to find out how to sign up for the drawing!

And just in case you fear  you may not win, why not purchase an item or two while the TreeWings Studio store is having a 15% off sale!  

#6--Amagazine Launch for Lisa!

In other news, this week, Lisa Lodge of Pine Ridge Treasures launched  new magazine today on Amazine! Here is the link if you would like to "follow" her:
She kindly featured some of my components in her first issue!

#7--Local friends!

Finally, last week I met up with two local jewelry people from the KC area, Tanya Goodwin and Tracee Dock!   I will link to their pages and tell you more next time, but in the words of Pansy Penner,  I assure you, "a good time was had by all!" 

                                                * * * * * *

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20% off sale:

Sad Face:

TreeWingsStudio photos by Rebekah Payne, used by permission.

Sharyl's Jewelry photos by Sharyl.

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Unknown said...

I do so love a chatty, catch up post! So thrilled you got to meet some other designers. I did the same this summer, and it was very special for me, since I've never been to any of the shows. I've got one project completed, and the other one halfway for our reveal!
Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

Ann Schroeder said...

Nice post. It felt like walking over to a friend's house through the crunchy fall leaves to have a cup of coffee and a chat.

Pine Ridge Treasures said...

Thanks for the shout out, Sharyl! I enjoy reading all you blog posts. They are always packed with nifty info and cool pictures. Good luck at the craft show - here's to many sales for both of you lovely ladies!

baymoondesign said...

I enjoyed your newsletter. I passed through
Kansas on my trip back east. Now, I will associate you with Kansas., Good luck at your craft fair!