Wednesday, February 5, 2014

"Clean-up, Fix-up Challenge" Update!

Thank you for the fantastic response to the "Clean-up, Fix-up Challenge" I posted here a few days ago!   

In the coming days,...  I'll compose a blog list with the info I have and ask for more info from some.  

I'm extremely pleased so many will be joining me in the task of cleaning and reorganizing our work spaces--it will make it so much more "fun!"   (It would be even more fun if you would all come over to my place and help me out,... but the space is tiny, so we'd never all fit!)   ;-)

If anyone else would like to join in by working on their own workspace (no matter how large or small a project you plan), please just leave me a comment and your blog address below.  


  • There will be a blog hop March 1st, but anyone without a blog is welcome to join and we'll work that out.
  • You are not required to spend any money on your workspace/studio!

If you need more details on the event, please see the original post!  You can sign up in the comments of either post.
How I'd like you to perceive me...

Right now, I'm mostly shoveling, shoveling, shoveling the snow!   So more news soon! 

More the reality of the situation!

Thanks, stay safe and warm!   


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Photograph by Sharyl

Woman Cleaning:



Shoveling snow:

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