Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Yikes! Have you Cleaned?

Update:  Apologies for not getting the initial blog list posted Tue night. I've had a migraine and a hard time sitting up and reading the computer screen.   I'll do my best to get the list out tonight (Wed.)  Thanks for your patience! --Sharyl


As I look at the huge mess still surrounding me, I'm wondering, "Am I the last person to get busy cleaning my workspace?!"  I started this event  a month ago to urge myself to tidy up, and I've heard from many of you of the great progress you've made!   Wish I could say the same!   Luckily, there is STILL TIME!

Just a reminder that the "Clean-up, Fix-up" your workspace BLOG HOP is March 1st!      I'm  in a flurry doing last-minute organizing as well as cleaning.   I hope to heavens I can get my photos to upload as I'm struggling with that at the moment!   (What fun would this be without a bit of stress?!)   

If you signed up to be involved, or want to join, here are things that you need to know and do before March 1st:

1) Please, please, make sure I have your blog URL if you have a blog and plan to post there for this event.   (I'll post the list I have later tonight.)  Feel free to leave a comment here or on the Facebook page, mentioned below, if you just want to make sure I have your info for the list.  I'll sort out duplicates but don't want to omit anyone!

2)  There is also an "Fix-up, Clean  up" Event space on Facebook.   If you don't have a blog, please feel free to post your info there!   Many have been posting updates there too.    

3)  If you haven't already.....cleanup, tidy, organize, whatever... your workspace or even a portion of your workspace!   

4) Take photos and write a bit of text explaining what you did.  Prepare your blog page.   If you don't have a blog,... you can a) post on the Facebook Event page or b) your own Facebook page but I'll need to know your FB page URL if you plan to post there.  c) If you have neither a blog or FB, please let me know.   I'll post for you.

5) On Feb 27, (date corrected) I'll post an updated final list of all participating.  Please add that to your blogs.   At minimum, please link your blog back to this one so others can "hop" through the pages!

5) By Feb. 28, midnight central time, please make your posts live!   

6) Blog hop begins March 1st! 

I can't wait to see see what everyone has done!   

Now, I must go get VERY BUSY!    ... right after yoga class to calm me down...



Skye said...

think you meant you'd post the updated hop list on FEB. 27th.. not March ;) I should join this..I've been attempting this clean up for over a year now >.< lol

Sharyl said...

So true, Skye! I'll correct that! I'll be WAY behind the curve if I update that list a month too late! Thanks for noticing! :-) --Sharyl

Carol D. said...

I think you have this but just in case.

Unknown said...

Um, actually, no, I'm gonna work on it today, promise! :) I really, really want to get my workspace corralled back to just my desk, instead of my desk and Christian's spot and Daniel's spot...!!!

Shel said...

Although I couldn't participate due to other obligations, I must say I'm really looking forward to some before/after shots of everyone's cool creative spaces!! :-)

Beti Horvath said...

Yeah, about that cleaning thing...one little table does count, right?

Sharyl said...

Thanks, Carol D.! I double-checked and appreciate you confirming!

Beti, you bet it counts! That may be as far as I get too, though my original plans were bigger! Any cleanup, organizational, fixup, spruceup probject counts! I said before, I'm easy! :-)

Shel, thanks! We'll appreciate you joining us in viewing the hop!

Shirley, if you see this message would you please take a look at the most recent page I posted too. Want to make sure I have your blog url right. Thanks!