Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bright new look for Sharyl's Jewelry!

Notice anything different?   A little bit WILD?!  Yes, I do mean the dots! 

I recently redesigned my logo... 

Logo by Sharyl McMillian-Nelson©2014
...and purchased new marketing materials (business cards, event banner, and even a few bags)!  

Business cards
Cotton bags
This prompted a long-overdue redesign of my Artfire store site with a new banner I created.  (Similar but not identical to the marketing products from VistaPrint.)

Sharyl's Jewelry ArtFire Studio banner
by Sharyl McMillian-Nelson©2014

(My Facebook business page has had a banner with the poly beads for a month or so now, so you may recognize the beads from that!)

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This blog was the last to be redone and the most challenging.  I couldn't seem to apply my own banner so I used one of the Blogger backgrounds.  This was the closest match I could find.  It's busier than I'd like but I thought I'd give it a try. You know, live on the wide side! 

The goal is to create a more unified marketing presence for Sharyl's Jewelry.   And the colorful dots remind me of my "Funky Flat Poly Beads!"  

Hopefully you like it and when you see the dots, you'll think of Sharyl's Jewelry!

Best wishes to all,


P.S.  Have YOU updated your marketing recently?  Please share a note in the comment section and/or link to a photo!  

P.P.S.  I'm pleased to say I've been in business for 3 1/2 years now.  (In reformatting my blog, I also updated the Company History and other pages linked to the tabs at the top of the page.) 

Thanks for being with me through this journey! 



Ann Schroeder said...

I love the new look. The dots are a nice color on the page and not at all distracting or "too much". I think everything looks great!

Sharyl said...

Thank you, Ann! I'm happy for the feedback!

Unknown said...

Looks so great! I love it!

Shirley said...

Love it Sharyl! Fresh and fun, and everything unified. Well done!

Natalie -- NKP Designs said...

Love it!

Sharyl said...

Thank you, Marti, Shirley, and Natalie! I value your opinions and I'm so happy to hear you like the new theme! :-)

motidana said...

Love the new look and format Sharyl . And the business card is absolutely adorable !

Sharyl said...

Thank you, Motidana! I'm glad to hear you like the look!

I found the business card template on Vista Prints and it was just what I wanted with the dots. I altered it a bit and personalized it with my bead photo. It was all pretty easy to do!

Carol D. said...

I need to do this too. I seem to get stuck on what colors and the general look, etc. Need to just take action.

Sharyl said...

Since I've mentioned VistaPrints a couple of times here, I think I should share more of my experience with you all. I like the options and ease-of-use of Vista Prints, but dislike the way they tend to add things to your cart that you haven't selected. I've shared that feedback with them. Also, prices seem to multiply when they start offering options I rather expect to be standard. For example.... They had business cards on sale for approx. $10, but if you add a sturdier paper, it doubles. Add a sturdy glossy, it triples. Same for banners. Want a banner that will hold up well for indoor and outdoor use? The price jumps way up. Since I plan to use the banner repeatedly, I went for the higher priced one. It's nice to have options, but just beware that the prices can quickly multiply. ...And above all, watch your cart as you check out to see if additional items appear!

I will say, I've used this company several times, and so far have been happy with the product quality and customer service!

Sharyl said...

Carol D-- Not sure if it will help you to know but I've agonized over this too. I had it on my list of goals for 2013, but just now making some decisions. I like changing things up a lot so I had to find a design I thought represented my company well and that I could live with for a while. It's not easy, is it?!