Saturday, September 13, 2014

"Artisan Component Marketplace" opens doors today!

I have a surprise announcement for you today!  

This afternoon I just launched my third online store!   Like my new store on Etsy, this one is also called "Metapolies™" and is on a brand new online marketplace for artisan jewelry bead and component makers.  

Marla James (MarlasMud) is the founder of the new selling venue.  She and a small merry band of 5 other component makers (myself included) have been working to set up the site. 

It's called the "Artisan Component Marketplace" or "ACM" for short.  My Metapolies™ store is currently one of six but there are more stores being added soon!  

If you are interested in joining, there is detailed information in the "Learn about ACM" and
"Team Member Pricing" sections!   

I hope you'll pay a visit to the new ACM site and continue to find me in all my locations!   There are stores-full of unique items in every location!

(components and beads only)

(components and jewelry)

(components and jewelry)

Watch here and on Facebook for upcoming GRAND OPENING EVENTS!

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As always, thank you all for your support
and friendship!    ~Sharyl

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Photo Credits:
Metapolies Banner:  Sharyl McMillian-Nelson, 2014
ACM Banner:  Marla James, 2014
Fireworks photo:  Sharyl, Belfast, May 2014

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Shai Williams said...

I was checking the site out earlier and it looks like one I will be stopping at first. A lot of my favorite artisans all under one roof so I can't go wrong there.

Sharyl said...

So very glad (thrilled silly) to hear you say that, Shaiha! We'll be looking forward to seeing you there! :-)