Thursday, October 9, 2014

ArtFire Update & Store SALE!

Hi, remember me?! I'm Sharyl,...
artisan and owner of Sharyl's Jewelry™  (ArtFire) and Metapolies™ stores on (Etsy and ACM)!     

I admit, I've been a bit negligent with blogging lately as I build a collection of my handmade goodies for you in each location!  I'm happy to say, all are pretty well-stocked at the moment, with even more seasonal items to come soon!

     season symbol autumn    season symbol winter

However, if any of you have visited my Artfire store (or any Artfire store) in the past week, you've probably noticed things appear to be amiss.  Please bear with us as Artfire undergoes some system upgrades.

traffic cone  traffic cone  traffic cone
While we wait for the dust to settle, I'm having a 
"Construction Sale!" 
Get 25% off
all items in my
  "Sharyl's Jewelry" on Artfire store through Oct. 13th with code: 


Current changes:

  • My familiar polka dot banner and avatar are currently missing, but the name of the shop is at the top.  
  • You won't see the classic menu, but items are organized by sections with a representative photo. 
  • The product photos are larger and the main focus of each page!

I hope you'll stop a moment, explore, and take advantage of the sale!

Special Reminder for Blog Readers:
If you purchase from more than one of my 3 stores in 1 day, I'll ship all items together and refund duplicate shipping charges though PayPal.

Links to all 3 stores appear at the stop of my blog in the horizontal tabs!

As always, thank you for shopping handmade! ~Sharyl

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