Saturday, March 28, 2015

Art Bead Scene Monthly Challenge: March 2015

Art Bead Scene Monthly Challenge:  March 2015

Haida Totems, 1912
By Emily Carr
Watercolor on Paper
76mm x 55mm
BC Archives, Canada
For more information on this piece and the artist, please visit ABS.

A while back, I created this polymer clay pendant using a rubber stamp design and layering with metallic acrylic paints.   

If I say so myself, it's one of my favorite pieces I've made with polymer clay.    It immediately came to mind when I saw this month's Art Bead Scene (ABS) challenge.

 I would love to try it again in colors more closely matching the watercolor painting, but not sure time will permit me this month.   So I'll offer this piece, and if I can get another art bead entry finished by the end of the month, I'll add to this!

Or, perhaps I'll attempt to create something using this piece.  Time is running out!  We'll see!   

I encourage you all to join in the monthly Art Bead Scene challenges.  There are 2 now, one for handmade jewelry using one or more art beads, and one for bead artists.   Take a look at this month's entries:

Happy Creating!




Unknown said...

This piece is beautiful and really does remind me of the painting. It would be fun to see it in other colors.

Sharyl said...

Thank you, Ann! I've been so busy loading my Etsy store with new metal components that I haven't had time to try this totem again, but may still do it!

I'm also thinking of turning the totem pendant into a necklace. I'll let you all know if that happens! :-)

Best wishes! --Sharyl

Bijoux Gems Joy said...

Very interesting "carvings" on your bead. They reminded me of the representations I've seen on totems in British Columbia when I was there several years ago. Looking forward to seeing it in use.