Tuesday, March 31, 2015

New! Sterling Silver "Matchstick" Dangles + Give-away!

(Be sure to read to the end to find out how to enter the give-away!)

I'd like to show you a new line of components I'm making.  I've been so excited to announce these, and I've released the first five pair into my Metapolies™ store on Etsy!   

I'm calling them Sterling Silver "Matchstick" Dangles,
 and hope I haven't reused a term or concept 
developed by anyone else. 

These are handmade start-to-finish, and they begin with me using metal scissors to cut the silver sheet metal.  

The process of creating these involves a number of steps and takes 2-3 times as long as many of the components I create.  Sterling silver is not cheap, of course, but I'm pricing conservatively, hoping people will like them enough to try out!  

Currently selling for $18/pair.

There are a variety of colors and if I find interest in them, I'd love to add more colors!    (I'm not currently taking custom orders on jewelry or components, but I'm very happy to hear your color recommendations!    Any suggestions?)

You can find the following colors in my store now:

  • Orchid (medium purple shade)
  • Sage green
  • Red
  • Dark Violet (a very dark bluish-purple)
  • 2-toned Blue (navy and medium blue stripes)

I haven't had a give-away for quite a long while, so I'm going to have a random drawing for a pair of these in your choice of color (provided I have it or can mix it)!   

To enter:

  1. Please share this post on your own blog, Facebook page,or other social media. 
  2. Leave me a comment on this blog of where you posted it.   (Please include link!)
  3. Include your color of choice.
From the entries, one will be randomly chosen.
You have until Sat., April 4, at midnight Central time to enter!  

I very seldom get so specific with a give-away but I'd really like to reach a wider audience this time. Thank you very much for helping me spread the word. I am most grateful!  

Best Wishes,



ShadowDogDesigns said...

Those are so cool, Sharyl! I shared the post on FB: https://www.facebook.com/ShadowDogDesigns/posts/1038449079517464

and also on G+:


Sharyl said...

Thank you so much, Catherine! Very much appreciated!

baymoondesign said...

I shared this on my blog at http://bay-moon-design.blogspot.com/2015/03/sharyls-jewelry-new-product-line-and.html.
The content will then be on my personal and business facebook page. I am also putting it in a beading group on facebook.

I love them all and would be thrilled to win any color. I really can't decide on a favorite!

Sharyl said...

Kathy, you are so sweet! Thanks to you too!

Anonymous said...

How cute are these? I shared the giveaway on my FB page (Lee Koopman) and went to your store and tweeted one of the pairs. I sure do like those red ones

Unknown said...

Sharyl, these are fabulous! How clever and cool. Love the colors, especially the aqua. As far as social media, I pinned your post, but I don't know how to share a link here for Pinterest. I also tweeted your post. Just love these!!!

Sharyl said...

I'm so thrilled! Thank you, Lee and Cindy!

Unknown said...

I posted on Facebook, Sharyl. These have a lot of possibilities! So versatile! <3 them! Sage green would be my choice although all colors are great!!!

Shai Williams said...

I just love these! I did share on Facebook but I can't seem to pull up a URL on my tablet. :(

Shirley said...

Well, of course I'm in! I just adore these cuties!! Shared on fb, since my poor blog is a bit dusty! :)

Sharyl said...

Thanks to all of you joining in the drawing and spreading the word! I'm so pleased to hear from you!

Betty said...

I posted it on my FB business page, https://www.facebook.com/#!/beadsoupchef

Sharyl said...

Thank you, Betty! Glad you've joined us for the give-away! --Sharyl

Sharyl said...

I had a lovely message from Joy that I thought I was forwarding here, but it's not appearing. Apologies. (It didn't mention sharing the link so I don't think I lost a contest entry.) Please feel free to comment again to enter the drawing, Joy! I appreciate your message!

Sharyl said...

Thanks to all who have entered the drawing and left comments. I appreciate so very much your efforts to help spread the word!

The time for entering the give-away has come to a close. You are still very welcome to comment. And be sure to check out the SPRINGFLING sales that run through 4/6/15. I'll announce a winner soon!

With gratitude,