Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jewelry Design - My "Unique" Philosophy

by Sharyl of Sharyl's Jewelry  

Let me start by saying that I have never had furniture in my house that matched.

The furniture came to me through a variety of means over a lifetime, an assortment of varying color, style, age, and finish.   During much of this time, people had the notion that furniture throughout rooms in a house should match.  Mine didn’t come close; each piece was different but special to me.

A time finally came when mis-matched furniture acquired a name of its own.  It was called the “eclectic” style and discussed like it was a good thing.   Suddenly, what seemed an accident or something to be pitied was described in home design magazines as though I had been planning it all for years.  I had a new shiny varnished dining room table and chairs in light wood next to a darker stained antique stand to hold my table linens and that was more than acceptable, it was desirable.     That sense of uniqueness in home design came into style more than 20 years ago and seems to show no signs of ending soon.   More importantly, I liked it then and I like it now.

Over the years, I acquired jewelry in much the same way as furniture.  Living in university towns, I had access to import stores, some even focusing in specific regions of the world.  I walked right by (and into) art, natural history, and anthropology museum gift shops.   I eventually traveled and added pieces to remind me of cities and countries (and people and experiences).   I was drawn to exotic jewelry from far-away places.   I loved the look of the pieces, was in wonder that they had made their way to me, and I felt special wearing them.

Today, when I design jewelry, it’s with this same philosophy in mind.   I want what I wear to be truly unlike what anyone else wears.  I want to feel that it’s been made for me by caring hands with attention to detail.  I want to feel attracted to the color, textures, materials, and design.  I want it to fit my look and personality.

That’s why I design jewelry the way I do.  I want the people who wear my jewelry to feel special wearing it, knowing it has been caringly made for them, and like them, there is only one like it.    

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