Monday, June 20, 2011

Sharyl's Jewelry & Relections -- Welcome, Part 2

  ...Welcome Back!

Last time, I promised two things...  1) to further introduce myself to you by describing the jewelry I make, and 2) to talk about the purpose of this blog.

The Jewelry--
Basically, I design hand-crafted necklaces, pendants, earrings, and bracelets  (and the occasional ring) out of wire and beads.  (I use beads of nearly every color and material possible, but admit I'm very fond of  both glass and stones and generally work with silver wire.)    

Each piece is different--because I want what I wear to be unlike what everyone else is wearing and suspect others enjoy that too.  And in all honesty, I have more fun coming up with new ideas than duplicating similar items. 

Jewelry Samples & The Website--
You can go to my website, Sharyl's Jewelry, and see samples and descriptions of some of the pieces I've made.    As we get to know each other, I hope you will share samples of your work and websites with us in return!

The Jewelry Business--
Although creating jewelry is something I have enjoyed doing for years, something I've studied and practiced, I just began my business this year.   I currently sell the jewelry wholesale to local shops in my area.  What started as a hobby, and a fun way to relax, has turned into quite a learning experience!   

Along the way, I've not only continued to advance my jewelry-making skills, I have learned more about small businesses (I technically have two now), marketing, building a website, digital photography, and now blogging.  Everything I do is a work in progress, and I enjoy that part.  I keep learning new things!   It feels like a journey.

And now, The Blog!--
So I hope you'll be interested in the conversation and join in.   We'll be talking about: 
  • jewelry design, 
  • jewelry-making techniques and tips, 
  • jewelry as a business, 
  • sources of learning, 
  • sources of inspiration, and  
  • reflections on life and art as they relate to making jewelry.  

Thank you for dropping by, and I hope you'll come back.   I look forward to sharing ideas with you!   --Sharyl

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