Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Copper Wire--Perfect for Fall!

I love silver jewelry, but after years of working with silver based wire only, I recently tried some colored wire--first a soft pink color over copper wire to go with a smooth pink-colored stone I had found.   I liked it so much, I bought some aqua wire.   Played with that just a bit, but not much yet.  Maybe next Spring.

Then came the copper--

And it seemed to go perfectly with the fall colored stones and beads I was working with (amber, orangejade, amethyst, black carved wood and lava rock, deep greens).   Of course the nice thing about copper wire (rather than the colored wire) is that you can hammer it to harden without fear of the copper color coming through because it's copper all the way through! 


I'm usually nervous about the earring piece content, but found some nice Rose Gold over copper ear wires in a brand I like and the color matched the copper wire very well.   Problem solved.

Even copper by itself makes a nice piece of jewelry, as with this very simple wrapped-wire ring.


I'm finding copper a rich color without the rich cost--and perfect for Fall!

Be sure to check out more Fall jewelry on the 2011 Fall-Preview Sale page above.   There are stones the many colors of nature in Autumn complemented with copper and silver wire. Enjoy the season!   --Sharyl

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