Monday, August 8, 2011

New fun with rings...and wire of many colors!

After many years of wishing, and work-arounds, I finally purchased a solid steel ring-mandrel... 


and went to work wire-wrapping rings.   What joy!

I started with silver wire, as I typically use, then ventured out a bit...



I decided to try color wire.  These two rings  represent my first attempts working with color-over-copper wire.  The rose-color added a bit of fun and flair to the pieces, so I began experimenting with more with colors!   (It was sort of like I had been coloring with just one crayon for years and suddenly had a new box full of colors!  

Once I got started,  I had to try several new colors.   I was having too much fun!

So next I tried mixing silver with an aqua-colored wire.   Then came copper...  (some without beads, some with)...

and then... back to silver again, which will always be my true favorite!


Now I'll have to find a place for rings on my website.   (What a nice problem to have!)

Whether it's a new tool, a new color, a new technique, or whatever new thing you want to try, happy experimenting!  Please let us know how it goes!


P.S.  We have a new follower--Krista!  

So very glad to have you join us!   



Krista said...

Glad I finally realized you have a blog! I LOVE the last ring photo with the little blue (square?) stone.

Sharyl said...

Thank you, Krista! I probably should not admit online, but it was one of those pieces that didn't turn out as I sort of turned out better than I planned. I was trying to wrap it similar to the others, but somehow the shape of the bead just wasn't permitting the "order" I was trying to impose upon it. It wanted to swirl off and do it's own thing. I finally stopped fighting the wire and decided it looked rather interesting that way. Here is to artistic accidents! :-) --Sharyl