Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More New Fall Jewelry--Bracelets & More Bracelets!

After getting in my new shipments of beads, I just couldn't wait to get back to work on making jewelry!   Just in terms of quantities, I tend to produce jewelry in this order:
1.  pendants
2.  earrings
3.  bracelets

Recently, I've been turning things on their head and working on:
1. bracelets 
2. full necklaces
3. rings/earrings/pendants

While I've been working with minerals a lot this Fall, I ordered a wide variety of Czech glass beads online so you'll see more glass here than you've seen since Summer, and some bracelets with integrated materials.

Above you'll see a pile of some of my Fall bracelets.  I just finished putting crimp covers on and making clasps for the last of them today.  Below, you'll see a few more...

Three bracelets with petite beads, primarily Czech glass crystals, 
Czech Fire Polish glass beads, Yellow Honey Jade, and seed beads.  
On bottom row, Czech Cathedral glass beads in sapphire/gold.

One more for the mineral collection:
Carnelian and Jade Serpentine bead bracelet.

Czech Fire Polish glass and Czech Glass Druk Round beads.  
(The color is called "Montana"--a deep, rich, smokey grey.)

I have many more (non-bracelet) items I've been at work on, but I'll save some for future posts!


P.S.  I just updated my website, Sharyl's Jewelry,  to include more of the Fall line.   Now I have a whole new batch of jewelry!   Which just shows, you'll always see it here first!  


  ...to our new follower, Gayle!   She has already posted a few comments here, and I'm happy she's joined us.   You can read more about Gayle and her "Kit and Caboodle Shop" on Etsy.    Gayle also writes the blog, "This Artist's Journey."   Warm greetings to Gayle!


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