Thursday, September 1, 2011

Moss Agate Fan Necklace (& Jasper Earrings to go!)

In my last order of beads, I purchased two sets of agate "fan" bead sets.   I have seen these, but never made anything with them before myself.   

One of the sets is very colorful and is called the "Picasso Jasper Gemstone Fan." (See photo on left.)  I liked it so much because of the many colors of stone.  (The photo doesn't do it justice.  There are beads that look more purple, blue, etc., and much darker and brighter.)   But the many colors also pose a challenge; I haven't decided colors to use with the fan set and if I have enough beads in the colors I would need.  I'm thinking I may not, so I decide to start with the other fan set first.    

The other set is called a "Moss Agate Gemstone Fan" (below) which comes in 13 pieces of the same kind of stone in graduated sizes.   The beads are predominately grey in color.   This will be my starting place. From here, only imagination (and the limitation of bead quantities) guide the way!  A perfect mixture for creativity! 

"Spacing the Daggers"

My first challenge is deciding whether to space the "daggers" with other beads or to leave the daggers placed together.   (Who knew the terminology would be so fun?   I feel like a fiction writer for some ancient adventure war story yelling "Space the Daggers!  Space the Daggers!")    I decide to separate the daggers with an accent bead, believing it will make the piece look more dramatic.  

"Choosing sides"

Though I've made necklaces, I more often make pendants.  So to complete this piece I would need to decide what to do with the sides of the necklace, what beads to use, what colors, size, and how long the necklace should be.

The daggers are spaced by small round 
Honey Yellow Jade beads.  
The set is followed by 3 peachy/rose glass beads 
on each side, a silver spacer, 
a couple of sets of Czech glass "Montana" beads (grey) 
with silver spacers, then up the rest of the necklace are large, clear glass seed beads.

"I'm up to my neck!"

My final decision concerns the clasp.   I make all my clasps so there is no decision about whether to do so for this piece, but I realize I have to keep the 2 pieces very similar in size for the necklace to hang properly.   I want something very smooth, so that it will not irritate the neck, and I want to make sure none of the wires  come apart.   The necklace is not heavy, but does contain a lot of beads, so having them "escape" would be a disaster.   I've made several types of clasps in the past, and after two tries,  I think I have this clasp worked out to satisfaction.

"Closing the Gap"

As I finish making the necklace, I conclude I like the subtle colors in this necklace, and may like it better than the next fan set that awaits me!

Completed necklace.

"But wait, there's more!" 

I also made these earrings, not with the necklace in mind, but when I finished the earrings, I noticed the necklace and earrings went well together.

Silver Leaf Faceted Jasper Earrings

Fan necklace and earrings.

Regarding that bead order, I'm wishing now I had doubled it!   That way I could sell one and keep one of the things I'm making!  Ha!  (Anyone else have that problem?)

I'm having fun.  Hope you are too!  --Sharyl 


Krista said...

Wow! Absolutely love both those! I just want to surround myself with beads every time I see what you make.

Sharyl said...

Thanks, Krista! Good to hear from you again! The entry I'm about to publish is all about beads. It may send you on a bead shopping spree! :-)

Pine Ridge Treasures said...

I love both pieces, esp. the necklace! Do you have a favorite place to buy beads?