Monday, September 19, 2011

CHALLENGE Response: Krista's Family Jewelry-making Day!

Krista has been at it again--and this time her family got involved for a day of creating jewelry.  So we not only have jewelry-making for kids going on, we have kids making jewelry, and grandmothers making jewelry, and... well, you'll see! 

Young hands at work.

Notes from Krista:

Here are some of the things we made! 

The black necklace is my Mom's creation.

I made the red earrings.

My son made the bracelet with the blue and green for his Aunt.  I made the earrings to go with it.

I made the purple bracelet for my daughter.

We are having a good time!  


After the gathering, Krista makes one more item, a gift for a niece.

Bead-artist making selections and stringing bracelet.


I think the jewelry looks great, and I'm so glad you turned this into a fun, multi-generational family event!  Thanks to you, Krista, and your family, for sharing your day with all of us!  --Sharyl

P.S.  I'm hoping to hear more from everyone as we continue with our "CHALLENGE:  Designing Jewelry for Special Audiences!"

  • All photos by Krista, 9/11
  • Jewelry by Krista & Family


Sharyl said...

This all looked so fantastic yesterday, but my laptop has developed "pink screen." (UGH!)

Hopefully it's my hardware--(I guess hopefully...)--and no one else is seeing pinkish-beige where we used to have grey behind our text. If you ARE seeing PINK, please comment and let me know!

Thanks, Sharyl

Krista said...

You need to get back to showing off your own work!

Sharyl said...

Actually, I've skipped my own work again today to focus on International Peace Day and Banned Books Week. Next time! (I sure hated to move the photo of that sweet boy off the top of my blog though!)