Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Events Worth Celebrating

My topic today is a little different.  I'd like to bring  attention to a couple of upcoming events I find of importance.  (Of course, I've managed to work jewelry in at the end.  It's not my jewelry, but you can shop if you like!)

Wednesday, Sept. 21st, is the International Day of PeaceI hope you'll take a moment of your day to watch this documentary on how one person started an international movement toward peace:  "Peace One Day."   
It asks the question, "What will you do for peace?"

My answer to the question "What will you do?" is to help spread the word of this day through this medium since it is available to me.  That seems so simple, yet I feel very fortunate to be able to do that freely.  The same Amendment that allows me Freedom of Speech has a connection to the next event...
September 24-October 1, 2011 is Banned Books Week.  It exists to celebrate the U.S. First Amendment Rights that give us the Freedom to Read.  For more information on this event, and a list of frequently banned and challenged books, please visit the American Library Association's website, "Banned Books Week: Celebrating the Freedom to Read."   Challenges to having books accessible to the public in library collections have been made on classical literature, children's classics, religious texts, popular fiction, comics, and other genres.  (And I'm speaking about in the last few years.)   Don't be surprised to find a favorite book of yours in these lists.

Regarding jewelry:
  • If you are in the mood to shop to support this cause, check out these bracelets sold at the ALA Store featuring banned books.  (I don't know if they are handmade, but they are still very cool!)   
  • I also found these library-related jewelry items on Etsy.  Who knew?!  :-)
  • To find jewelry with peace as its theme, take a look at this Etsy page.  There are some lovely things!

Thanks so much for listening.   Next time we'll be back to creating our own jewelry and the "CHALLENGE: Designing Jewelry for Special Audiences!"  (**By the way, I'm moving that Sept. 22nd deadline back to Sept. 28th, hoping to give everyone more time to submit your ideas!**)

See you then!  --Sharyl
Sharyl's Jewelry (& Librarian)  --------------------------------

P.S.  While I know she follows many blogs, I'd like to officially welcome Lori Anderson to our group of followers!  It's an honor to have her join us!  Lori is well-known in the jewelry world.  She has several sites including the blogs, "Pretty Things," and "An Artist's Year Off," and her website where she sells her jewelry ("Lori Anderson Designs," ).  She is the author of many articles as well as a forthcoming book.  You can read more about her fascinating life journey on her website.  

As I mentioned recently, Lori organizes the Bead Soup Blog Parties.  Check out the most recent results!  I've got the advertisement for the next party up on the right side of the page, but I'm having trouble linking to the information.  While I work that out, you can link to it from here.   

Thanks again, Lori, and welcome!
*Photo Credit:  NASA. "Peace in the Galaxy.

*Photo Credit:  Stack of banned/challenged books by Sharyl, 9/2011   (Just a few from our family's collection!)

*Visit here to learn more about ALA's stand on Intellectual Freedom.


Sharyl said...

It's been interesting for me to find that several of you seem to be avid readers and review books on your websites. Way to go!

Krista said...

It never even occurred to me that there would be librarian jewelry on Etsy! Very fun!