Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Krista's Jewelry

I told you what I was doing over Labor Day, and now have a report in from one of our "Followers!"  

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First, a little background:  Krista started following this blog a while back, and I'll admit now that we've known each other a long while.   Krista is very talented in many ways.   

  • She has had her own blog regarding knitting and yarns.  
  • She operated an Etsy shop displaying her sewing, featuring pillowcases made from a delightful array of unique cotton fabrics.   
  • And she's had a photography business.  (Her photographs of children look spontaneous and natural, thus beautiful without appearing posed.)  
She probably has even more artistic talents, but these are the ones that immediately come to my mind!

She's returned to graduate school now, but I think our talk of jewelry, and her own natural pull toward creative and artistic endeavors, have had her yearning to join us in the jewelry-making adventure!  To that, I can only say, "Bra-vo!"

Krista went bead shopping over Labor Day, then got busy creating!  She sent me photos of what she made (and when I asked, gave me permission to post)!  Thank you, Krista!

She started with this necklace.   It looks so ambitious for a first project. I would think she's been holding out on us, but I know I don't need to question her honesty!     (I've long wanted to do something like this, but don't have the vision or the patience  for it!  I think it looks marvelous!)

If it were me, I would have called it a day after making the necklace, but... she wrote me midway though the day to say she was continuing her work, and again later to say she had completed more!    

The dark beads are made of lava.  They are a porous-looking bead, and their color and round shape  make a nice contrast to the flatter, smooth/shiny grey shell beads.  The spacer beads add a professional touch.   (I wish my early attempts had turned out this well!)

Nice work, Krista!   Thanks so much for sharing your photos with us!    Keep it up--we'll look forward to hearing and seeing more from you!   

Hope everyone else enjoyed their day too!

Sharyl's Jewelry


  • Photos & Jewelry by Krista, 9/5/11


Krista said...

Thanks for the nice post! I am wearing my new jewelry today in fact! I'm trying to hold of on more bead buying until next payday, but I may have convinced my Mom to join in the fun. So, maybe we'll be at the bead shop sooner rather than later.

Sharyl said...

Thanks again for sharing your jewelry project with us, Krista. And regarding your Mom, "the more the merrier!"