Tuesday, September 13, 2011

CHALLENGE Response: Designing Jewelry for Girls (Happy 10th B-day!)

I know a fabulously sweet girl who is turning 10 this month!    She has always been one for dressing up and looking cute and comfy in her pinks and purples and reds.   A couple of years ago, I began giving her small pieces of jewelry as gifts.  The first piece was a small red and white elastic bracelet.   Later, when I found out she had pierced ears, I made her small dangle red and white earrings to match. 

It's fun to do something a bit different for her.  (Many of the earrings I make are long dangles, but I keep hers a little shorter.)

This year I sent a couple of small journals, a tin to keep her jewelry in, and 3 pairs of earrings.   Here are the first 2 pair.

And because she's a grown-up 10 this year, 
she's getting a pair that's a bit longer and Fall-like, 
made with the copper wire.

She's a very appreciative young woman and always seems pleased with her gifts, but I'm hoping she truly enjoys each pair of these and has a wonderful 10th birthday and year to follow!    

(If you are reading, "Happy B-day, L!")


Blog Followers:  Remember, it's "CHALLENGE TIME!"  If you've designed jewelry for young people, we'd love to hear about it and/or see it!  Please comment!    


Sharyl said...

The "word on the street" is that the young woman enjoyed her jewelry and had a great 10th b-day celebration making pottery with her friends! What a great party idea!

loose diamond said...

This would be the biggest gift for a 10 year old girl. Her 10th birthday is going to be truly awesome.