Tuesday, September 27, 2011

CHALLENGE Response: Designing Plus Size Jewelry

I'm finding them everywhere!   Special designers designing jewelry for special audiences.    Karyn Lewis of Plus Size Bangles was just featured on the Art Bead Scene Blog and you must check this out!    

Below is one of Karyn's signature 8" bracelets:

Earthy, Glass, Wood & Green 8 inch Handmade Bracelet

from "Plus Size Bangles"

Wooden Pagoda Blue Drop Earrings

from "Plus Size Bangles"
(Karyn said I could pick out whatever pieces I wanted to appear in this feature, and I was immediately drawn to these two. I found them in different areas, and when I put them together, realized they went really nice together! Don't you think?!)   

Thank you, Karyn, for sharing what you do with us!  


Photo Credits:

Photographs on this page shown on this page printed with permission from "Plus Size Jewelry."


Sharyl said...

Karyn, you manage to get so many of my favorite "fall" and "summer" colors into one piece and it all goes together so well! I'm really intrigued by the varied materials you use too--and especially am drawn to those wooden beads. I've never seen any quite like them before. I like the look of them (and imagine they feel smooth against the skin)!

Pine Ridge Treasures said...

Really love the earrings! I have been asked by a number of people to make larger bracelets and longer necklaces. There is definitely a market for them. Lovely feature!