Wednesday, February 8, 2012

And the winner is...

The "Drawing" is complete!   All the names of people who left a message on a blog post indicating they wanted to be included were included...  

And the winner of my "Trellis Pendent" is... Therese from Therese's Treasures!

My congrats to Therese--I truly hope you enjoy this piece!   

To Therese, and all of you, I want to thank you for your participation in this challenge, your assistance in helping the "Sharyl's Jewelry" Facebook page achieve it's minimum of 50 Likes so I could get some free advertising through Facebook.  (If we hit 100, we get even more, so keep them coming!)  Every bit of attention helps...when you "like" a page, when you share a  message or photo, when you mention on your blog, when you send a note of support, when you shop my studio.  Your generous support has come in so many ways and I'm so thankful for every one!

Your help in getting my little shop noticed is like cheering on the "Little Engine that Could!"   I couldn't make it up the giant hill without all of you!

Now, I want to be sure I help others out too!  If you have a page you need "liked" or something you would like us to take a look at, a question to ask, or an event you want to share, please leave a comment!   

One I recently found on Therese's blog is a wonderful event called "7000 Bracelets for Hope."   Basically, it's about making a bracelet for the mother of a child with long-term illness. (Therese and the two sponsors explain in more detail.)  The deadline to sign up is Feb. 11

After reading about this cause, and how easy it is to help, I knew right off I wanted to be a part of it!   Therese was sharing the word, as she so often does, about an event sponsored by others.  I admire her greatly for that!   Please read her entry.  You can then go to one of 2 sites to sign-up, if you so choose.  

With much gratitude,


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Tanya said...

Congratulations to Therese. That is a beautiful pendant. I know she will love it.

Pine Ridge Treasures said...

Congrats to Therese! I signed up for the 7000 bracelets!

Therese's Treasures said...

Oh Wow Sharyl, I have been busy creating all day and I'm just now checking the blogs. I'm so humbled by your wonderful comments and so happy that I won the beautiful pendant, thank you. I think you are an amazingly talented and awesome person. I can not wait to see what you create for the 7,000 bracelet hop.

Sharyl said...
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Sharyl said...

Therese, glad the news caught up with you! These drawings are pure luck, but each time I feel like the person who wins is so deserving! Thanks again for all you do! Your message shared about 7000 bracelets has already inspired at least 2 of us--and probably many more people--to join the cause and contribute a bracelet. Our hats off to YOU! --Sharyl