Monday, February 13, 2012

Gardanne Give-away!

Such beautiful work...and now a great give-away too!

Check out Gardanne Beads!  

I've long admired her work, and now she's offering a give-away too!   Just follow the give-away link for examples of what she's giving away!   I wanted to melt!   Anne creates  lampwork, enamel, and mixed metal components as well as designs her own jewelry.    Amazing!   

Anyway, be sure to stop over to her blog and comment for a chance to win.  (Hint: Read closely between the lines for ways to get extra chances to win!)    :-)    

Then drop by Gardanne's Beads on Etsy, for a bit of shopping...  (The shop looks like the owner is away at the moment, but I do think she's loading her shop with new items!)   So if you don't see items for sale when you look, please try again!   

P.S. We've got some exciting things planned here this week, so please stay tuned!  

1) We have a guest columnist and... 

2) I'll be posting a call for participants in a small challenge for our blog.  I'm hoping I'll get some folks eager to volunteer!     

And,...only 2 days left for my Valentine's Day special.  Likely too late to get in time, but nearly everything with a touch of red or pink, or sparkle,... is on sale through V-Day!   Items go back to regular price after that.   

I'm also loading new items again now and announcing them on Facebook...showing some here too.  But you can always find them in the Artfire Studio.   I'll have a new batch of things I'll put on sale soon.   And then start watching for the celebration of all things green and Celtic!

Take care, see you again soon!


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Pine Ridge Treasures said...

Wow, Sharyl - you are one busy gal! Looking forward to the guest blogger. Thanks for the info about Gardanne beads - nice! I just entered. (You know how I love giveaways). Have a great week.

Therese's Treasures said...

Thanks for the info on Gardanna's blog and give away.