Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dana Lang and "Tumblestone!"

I promised you another blog entry on a jewelry artist this week, 
and another give-away...
 and you shall have both!  :-)   
**Double-give away details at bottom of page!**

                 Acorn Necklace by Dana Lang

To me, she is quite a rising star.   She's "crafty" in the very best since of that word, meaning I find so much that she does very artistic!   And while she's a wonderful jewelry designer, she has a variety of artistic talents she pursues.  (We'll talk about that more in the future!)   I always find that impressive as I struggle with jewelry making alone!

For today though, we'll focus on her jewelry!.....

Dana Lang is from Mission, British Columbia, Canada.   She is the owner of a wonderful new online store on Etsy called "Tumblestone."     

I first really became aware of Dana when she won a gift certificate  from my store.   She didn't collect immediately because, as she explained, she was busy setting up a new online store of her own.  I knew Dana had a blog called  "Tumblestone Handmakery."   Something about that name made me wonder what this new store would be like and what would be sold there! 

As soon as I started seeing her work, I loved it!   

 Hand Blackened Brass, Copper chain, 

Picasso Czech Glass Briolette

Key jewelry has been very popular this year.  I find Dana's "Key Hole Earrings" and "Cluster Necklace"  fun variations on the theme!

               Cluster Necklace

The more I see of Dana's jewelry, the more I like!  The black or darkened metals, the simplicity, the uniqueness.   

                                Greek Mythology -

                               Calypso By the Sea Necklace 

Dana has a style all her own she seems to have had right from the start!    Very impressive!

Please visit and learn more about Dana through her blog, "Tumblestone Handmakery," and on Facebook, and Twitter!    You'll see even more of what makes me admire her so!

And enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide at "Tumblestone" until January 1st 2013!! Just use coupon code FREESHIP at checkout!

P.S.   Dana and I have teamed-up for a give-away!   She is giving away a lovely necklace and I'm giving away a set of my hand-made and hand-altered components.  
**The signup for both are on Dana's blog!**   
The event has begun!  


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Unknown said...

You are such a sweetheart Sharyl! Thank you for all of the lovely kind words! I cant wait for the Giveaway tomorrow - Thank you for offering the great stuff for the Giveaway as well :)

Sharyl said...

You are most welcome! I think you are an inspiring artist, Dana, and I'm happy to share that news!