Friday, December 14, 2012

Kaz Baildon Bead Giveaway Blog Hop: The Re-reveal!

 I'm reposting my page since I finally have photos to share for my entry into the "Kaz Baildon Bead Giveaway Blog Hop" hosted by Lesley Watt of "Thea Jewelry" and "TheaToo."   The blog hop home is Lesley's "The Gossiping Goddess.  Earlier this Fall I was one of several randomly selected to receive a free bead from a huge stash very kindly gifted to Lesley by the talented glass artist Kaz Baildon. I have felt so lucky receiving this bead, trying various designs, and achieving a final product.

As part of this event, I was given a very large lampwork bead with rather "mod-like" flowers in bright orange and yellow! 

The fun, floral lampwork bead I received from Lesley Watt
made by Kaz Baildon!

1) My first thought was to turn it into a 60s/70s look by adding beads of purple to go with more beads in orange. I tried, but just couldn't pull off the look. 

2) My next thought was just just go with more beads to match the colors in the lampwork bead flowers--yellow and orange. Somehow, I just couldn't make that look very enticing either.

3) The third and final attempt I made was to subdue the bright orange and yellow a bit, and complement them with brass. I handmade beadcaps from brass rings I punched, embossed, darkened the ridges, then cleaned the rest of the brass to a bright finish again.  Then I dapped and shaped them.

Brass beadcaps I made to frame the lampwork bead.
Copper accent beads surrounded the beadcaps.

I also had some rectangular antiqued brass beads in my stash with an embossed pattern, and I used those as dangles with brass chain. Beneath each bead in the dangle is either a small orange or small yellow bead, just to tie the colors back in again. 

Brass and glass beads used in dangles

The chain, wire, and beadcaps are all brass.      I think it takes a cheerful pattern and gives it a slightly more sophisticated look. 

The complete necklace

If you haven't already, please take a look at these great entries! Thanks for coming by! (With special thanks to Lesley and Kaz for making this special event possible!)    --Sharyl

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Jade said...

I love the antique brass with the orange bead in this handmade jewellery design the two work beautifully together creating a piece of jewellery that any girl would love

Lesley said...

That's a lovely design Sharyl and yes the brass does work really well with the bright colours. Sorry you had so much trouble with your photo's but thank you for persevering and taking part in the challenge.

Unknown said...

Wow! You certainly have a winner Sharyl! I just love those bead caps, they give the bead a lot of presence, and the simplicity of the chain really showcases it perfectly. Great job!!!

Alice said...

I'm so glad you were finally able to get photos up because this is a gorgeous necklace!!!!! The bead you received is fabulous!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tammie T Everly said...

Not colors I would normally work with, you really did them justice Sharyl. Great job :-D

Caroline said...

Your hard work really paid off! That's a beautiful design that shows off your bead perfectly :)

Tanya said...

Sharyl, that is gorgeous (and totally worth the wait)! I love your bead caps and they work so well with the bead. The necklace is awesome. It looks like your new camera is taking great photos. :)

Sharyl said...

Thank you all for your sweet words! My early attempts looked so bad, I thought I'd never get it right!

And Tanya, thanks for the comment about the photos. I was so busy with techno-problems I honestly hadn't noticed the difference! But those last 2 with the new camera are much less "yellow" looking than the first two with the old camera. Hurrah for progress! Can't wait to find time to experiment more! I may need some lessons from you though. Many more settings than I'm used to! :-)

Unknown said...

Sorry it's taken a few days for me to get over to check your posts out!! Your necklace is beautiful you did a great job with it!!

Tanya said...

If you have time after Christmas (and the weather stays warm), maybe we can try a photo outing. :)

Sharyl said...

That sounds like fun, Tanya! :-)