Friday, June 21, 2013

The Wedding: Anxiously Waiting for the Big Day!

Some of you may recall my blog entry in May, "The 'Non-Reveal' Post," in which I spoke to you about making jewelry for my niece's upcoming wedding!    (I admit it, I've spoke of little else for months!)   

 At that time I had 15 items complete.

Latest (and possibly last)* Score:

Nearly 40 handmade jewelry items made for the bride and her wedding party!

*I'm taking my tools along so there's still a possibility of more!  

The long-anticipated day is fast-approaching now!   Everyone has been busy with preparations.   The bride-and-groom-to-be seem calm as ever.   

The jewelry is finished.  Everything has been "bride-approved."   The jewelry is carefully wrapped and tied up in boxes, name tags attached, packed in a large bag, and is ready to be delivered when the time is just right!  (Do you sense any excitement?!)

I've learned things I didn't expect to learn with the wedding project.  I'll be sharing more with you in the near future when I can show you some photos.

I worked with a partner, my niece, as in essence this was one large custom project, but I was given a great amount of freedom.    Nearly all the pieces ended with designs other than those we started with!   Luckily, my niece is very flexible and has a great sense of design and fashion!   

The bride-to-be at her wedding shower.

I can't begin to tell you or her how much this experience has meant to me.   She's very special to me and our family.  This has been my chance to be part of her day in my own unique way.  I'm so glad she trusted me with the task, and hope everything has turned out to make her wedding day the best it can be.

Beyond that, I hope their marriage is full of love, respect,  eternal kindness, happy days, cherished moments, and years that go on and on...

Happy wishes to all!


P.S.  I must thank my two guys who didn't fuss when I took over the dining room as well as my office/workshop for jewelry-making during this time!   They have been very patient and supportive in many ways, and I'm grateful!


Please share your wedding jewelry stories in the comments!   It can be jewelry you made for a wedding, jewelry you wore at your wedding, or anything related to jewelry and weddings!



baymoondesign said...

The bride to be is so beautiful! I am sure your jewelry will be equally pretty. I hope you will blog about some of it with photos. I made 4 pairs of earrings, 4 floral pins, bride's earrings and bracelet for my daughter's wedding.

Sharyl said...

I'm so glad you shared this, Kathy! I should have asked in my post!

I think some others here have also made wedding jewelry for family, and perhaps someone here has done it for sale for others.

I found it a wonderful experience though quite a challenge! I would love to hear from you and others about your experiences!

Sharyl said...

P.S. Kathy, we think the bride is beautiful too, in so many ways! Thank you! And we will have photos after the wedding, for sure! :-)

Unknown said...

So excited for her! Not only will it be her special day, but a special day with one of a kind jewelry! Can't wait to see the photos!!!

Pine Ridge Treasures said...

What a beautiful bride, and I am sure your jewelry will be equally beautiful. Can't wait to see it!

aneri_masi said...

Gosh, she is beautiful and SO stylish! Love the necklace she's wearing!!

As for me...the only "wedding jewelry" i have made so far is a bolo tie for my nephew to wear to his cousin's wedding. LOL :)

Stoodio57 said...

How beautiful and wonderful Sharyl! ♥

I just love the design of the necklace with the white stones! And I can't wait to see the rest of what you made!!

When is the wedding?? How long do we have to wait??!!!

Sharyl said...

Thanks Lisa! Unfortunately, I can't claim credit for the necklace in the photo, but it is an eye-catching design! You will not have to wait much longer to see the results of my work! ;-)

Sharyl said...

P.S. I brought tools and beads, wire, findings, etc. just in case anything went astray or needed to be adjusted before the wedding.

The tools came in handy from the moment I walked in the hotel door! The latch on my sister's "mother of the bride" pin broke so I whipped out my tools and wire and made her a new fastener! Knew that bringing all that would pay off! ;-)