Saturday, June 1, 2013

Kashmira's Anklet Blog Hop Reveal!

In the middle of working on my niece's wedding jewelry and trying to keep up with my store too, I told myself, "NO BLOG HOPS!"   But then one came along that I just couldn't refuse.    Couldn't refuse because my friend Kashmira Patel of the blog, "Sadafulee, ...Always in Bloom" and the Etsy store, "Sadafulee,"  was hosting her very first blog hop, and because it was so unusual, it seemed "doable," and sounded like so much fun, I just couldn't resist!  What was it?  

I had never made an ankle bracelet before!   There were some helpful suggestions but no hard-fast rules on this one, so I jumped in!   

My first thought was to do something akin to a charm bracelet, but Kashmira suggested we consider mediums other than chain, so I gave that some thought.   I didn't take a huge leap, but a mini-one....

I decided to use some brass chain with a silver ox finish, and to string some sections of multicolored beads.  They are mostly glass seedbeads of various colors with a slightly larger carnelian bead in the center of each string.  To add a bit of interest, I added some colorful aluminum jump rings I've had a long time and seldom use.  I thought they added a touch of visual interest!

Here are a couple of the beaded sections:

They are strung on multi-flex wire, crimped, and covered with 5mm sterling silver plated crimp covers.  I find that size crimp cover easy to work with and the SS adds some shine to go with the colors.

Below you see the beaded sections attached to the short sections of chain.  Each chain section has only 3 links, except for the the longer end section, which makes the length adjustable.  

I made the clasp myself, but those cool textured jump rings are from Cindy Kovar's Etsy store, "Captured Moments" (better known for her pottery cuffs, focals, and beads)! 

Linda from DD from Scratch on Etsy sent me a few of these small silver bells as a gift with my recent order.  As soon as I saw them, I knew I had the perfect use for them! 

I attached them to the centers of the chain pieces and to the end of the anklet.   They add some flair and a bit of jingle as you walk! 

So mine is a simple anklet.   I like the colors, the whimsy, the brightness of it.   I think it would be light-weight and comfortable to wear.   It has a look "just plain fun" about it that appeals to me.    

That said, I suspect I've made my first ankle bracelet a bit too large for most people.  The extender means it can fit an even larger size, but doesn't help make it fit a smaller size ankle.  (A slight design flaw caused by a mathematical miscalculation.)   I'm thinking I might add another section or two and make a wrap around bracelet or see how it would hang as a necklace, sans bells....   ;-)

No matter what, I thoroughly enjoyed participating in this blog hop and thank Kashmira for hosting it!   It gave all of us a chance to try something new!   To see more anklets, please visit these other designers' blogs:

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Thank you for visiting!   Hope you have a great weekend!



aneri_masi said...

I LOVE IT!!!! I love your idea of different sections, helps with the flow problem, I love the jumprings, I love everyyyyything! Please figure out a way to shorten it and wear it as an anklet. Your foot deserves this loveliness!

I am not going to say I would totally wear it everyday just because I know if I do, you will send it to me (warning: do not send, YOU wear it!)

Sharyl said...

Your comment made me giggle! Before I realized I had overdone it on the length, I had considered doing just that! Sending it your way!

I think I'd have to remove all the chain or one of the bead sections and then I don't think it would hang very well either way. I might do something different with this and try again though. Shorter bead sections would help I think. And since I wouldn't want bells close to my ears, I could save them for the anklet redo! :-)

Just look what you've started! lol!

Skye said...

what about changing out the chain sections for a smaller size link? would that make it small enough to stay put? Or, what about adding a length of some colorful elastic as a second layer, to hold it a bit snugger? you could have the chain sections attached to it somehow so the colour sections would drape between? I think Kashmira's right though, whatever you do, keep it for your ankle ;) It's the perfect feel of 'fun' and needs to go with some flashy sandals or snazzy painted toenails :D

Mimi Gardner said...

What a fun, summery design! I agree, you must shorten it and decorate your ankle! :)

Tammie T Everly said...

Sheryl I really like your use of color here this is SO cool! I'd say you knocked it outta the park on this challenge :-)

Unknown said...

I say leave the bells even if it becomes a necklace. I adore the bright, shiny, fun, colorful, "hello I'm fun" of it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your thought process in designing this anklet. They are not easy. Love the variety and fresh look of your final piece. So fun for a summer look.


Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

I love a hop that is not just fun but educates, Sharyl! I love your design and your post addressed several issues I noticed when starting my own design, so thanks for the extra inspiration!

Unknown said...

Oooohhhh, cute and so pretty, Sharyl! I love this idea as a blog hop. Your concept is fresh and colorful and will be so appealing for summertime. Great job!!!

Laren :)

Shel said...

Such a great anklet for your first one Sharyl - this is awesome! And, all you guys and your bells on your anklets - I am having 'bell-envy'!! And, what Kashmira said above - your ankle deserves this beauty!!

Cheri said...

I like your design and the beads you chose...adding the little bells is a cute detail that really makes it fun!

KayzKreationz said...

This is so cute. I love the color and the fun-ness of it. Quite a few seem to be using bells and I really like that idea. I'm going to have to find some bells and make another one.

Sharyl said...

Thank you all! I've been at work all day so it was fun to come back and read all these delightful, supportive messages! And surprising and fun to see that so many of you had similar thoughts even though you were unable to see each other's messages! It really sounds like I'm meant to find a way to make this work for my own ankle! ha! :-) You all always bring a smile to my face! Many thanks!

I started hitting your blogs in the wee hours of the morning but some were not up yet. I'll begin again tonight. If I haven't commented on yours yet, I'll be there soon! I'm so anxious to see them all!

Ema Kilroy said...

I love the sections. A fun and colorful anklet, just perfect for summer. I'd love to see it remain an anklet, I think it is great.

kmorgan said...

I love your anklet, the jump rings are a so cute & the extender is a fabulous idea!

Jean A. Wells said...

Sharyl, I love your bracelet. It has such great interest with the floating rings, and different sections. One of the best of all the anklets IMHO. I visited your blog earlier today and tried to leave a comment from my Iphone, but wasn't sure it went through so wanted to make sure I didn't repeat myself. I really, really enjoyed this blog. Great job!

Chelle said...

I love how colorful your anklet is.. great job.

baymoondesign said...

The bells are perfect for your design. Well done!

AntiquityTravelers said...

what a sweet, lovely design Sharyl! Love the pattern and must be so beautiful on!

Kepi said...

Super super cute, will be so fun to wear!

A Polymer Penchant said...

You're so right it is just plain fun! It really spells summer you really should try to see if you can rock it as an anklet, I think it's perfect!

Roxanne Mendoza said...

I think it's really fun and whimsical! I don't even know what size mine ended up to be. I just kept wrapping it around my ankle as I was creating it. ;). Hope you get a chance to rework yours and enjoy it.

Libellula Jewelry said...

I love your whimsical design and definitely think that you can make a few slight alterations to make it fit your ankle. Those bells are begging to be on an anklet!

Unknown said...

I love the colorful design of your anklet! Job well done!!

Toltec Jewels for Jewel School Friends said...

Love the summery colorway! Bright and fun, the bells and beautiful sterling silver crimp covers are perfect touches. My favorite rings are fancy and anodized aluminum, so I also enjoy your ring design elements too. Very pretty! Have a fun summer enjoying your anklet!