Sunday, April 20, 2014

Lisa Lodge's Pearl Reveal!

Lisa Lodge of Pine Ridge Treasures, frequently hosts blog hops and design events with packets of beads she sells to participants.   I have participated in several of these and wish I could do more, but time forces me to pick and choose!   This time, I joined Lisa’s glass pearl event!
Lisa is good about sending the beads out far in advance,
but I'm not always as good about keeping track of things!
So I marked the envelope and put them in an obvious spot on my desk.
As I found things I was interested in using to go with the pearls,
I added them to the packet!
It was sooo easy!

There were a couple of color choices and I chose a pastel green.   Lisa sent several strands of pale green in 2 sizes and also some creamy white strands! 
There were many more!
This is what's left after making 3 pieces of jewelry!

My first thought was to make a multi-strand necklace, some with green, some with white.  I had made some pearl and crystal necklaces for my niece's wedding last summer (some of you are bound to recall that)!    I wanted to be sure I didn’t just recreate those patterns, but tried something new, so I thought on it a bit longer.   

White glass pearls from Lisa.
Gray matte glass beads from my collection.

I kept wishing I had some gray pearls too, but found some dark gray round matte Czech druk beads in my collection and they were a perfect size to match the white pearls.   My first thought was to make one size of a necklace in gray, the other side in white.  Could I pull that off?  Nope!   As with many of my best plans to create something symmetrical, I wandered away from my plan, but kept the colors very dark and dramatic for this piece.  I didn’t want a classic white-pearl  look (though you’ll see one of those later too)!   

I ended up using the gray glass beads, the white glass pearls Lisa sent, and adding black chain and findings.   I think this one may be my favorite of the 3 pieces made.   I admit though, I do struggle with getting multi-strand necklaces to lay properly, and I’d say I dismantled this piece around 8 times to get it to this state! 

Two blue-gray lampwork beads with necklace chain by
Lampwork by Amy.

Blue-gray and metallic bead above pendant by 
Jennifer Jennings of BlueSeraphim.
Gray flowered wreath by ____.*

*I'm having difficulty retrieving the artist's name who made this.  Help me please! 
 It's a lovely piece
and I know I'll recognize it when I hear it!  Thanks!

Next, I made a more classic white pearl design, stringing it with Swarovski glass bicone crystals in shades of blue and pink.  It reminds me of a white dress my mother once made me.  I couldn’t decide whether I wanted the ribbons and buttons to be pink or blue, so she ended up putting two rows of ribbon and alternating button colors.  I loved that dress and my sister loved it after I finished with it!   So, in honor of that special dress, there are both pink and blue crystals in alternating colors in this piece too!   Likewise, I added 2 small heart charms to the front.  

One was a pink crystal heart, the other an artisan-made ceramic one (pale blue on one side, green and yellow on the other).  Both were gifts with purchases and I liked their similar sizes but very different  textures.   

It started out to be a necklace, but I think I prefer it as a bracelet.  It will work either way!

I have one more to show using the green pearls, but I'm saving it for next time.  It will be my entry in the April Art Bead Scene challenge!   I'll give you a "sneak peak" though so you can see the green pearls!

To see the other entries in Lisa Lodge's Pearl event, visit this FaceBook page!  Lisa has published a photo from each participant!   Talent abounds!  

Thank you, Lisa, for hosting and thanks to you all for stopping by!


P.S.  Happy Holidays!



Ann Schroeder said...

I love all your pieces!

Lynn said...

They are all lovely, but my favorite is your multi-strand necklace!

Shel said...

Beautiful!! The first one is my favorite - it's such a cool design. But I do love the other one, too. And I am excited to see the third one when you reveal it - looks yummy already!

Sharyl said...

Shel, you do such beautiful things with pearls--I always admire your work!

Thanks to you all for commenting!

I felt like the 2nd one was not very "inspired" and not really my style. Not sure how it ended up like that! ha! But I was happy with the first one. The 3rd one is just sort of "fun." :-)

baymoondesign said...

The first necklace is unique. I love it. I can't wait to see your reveal of the last one.

Anonymous said...

Sharyl - thanks for participating in the event! I like all your creations! I especially like the second one. It is so feminine and classy.