Sunday, April 13, 2014

Tanya Goodwin's "Shibori Ribbon Blog Hop Challenge" Reveal!

Ever heard of "Shibori Ribbon?"  I confess I hadn't until I saw Tanya Goodwin's post that she was hosting a blog hop featuring it!  Well, Tanya is my friend and "almost-neighbor" (and a wonderful jewelry designer), so I had to check out what this mystery ribbon was all about! 

And boy, is it yummy stuff!  There are several people on Etsy who sell it, and I purchased mine at AriaDesignStudio.  My ribbon like others though had its start at ShiboriGirlStudios!   It's beautiful pleated silk ribbon that comes in an amazing array of colors!

I knew immediately I had to join this blog hop, obtain some of this luxurious ribbon (although Tanya graciously gave away pieces too), and try this out!  

I quickly came up with an idea.  I had recently made a polymer clay pendant in metallic blue, purple, gold, and pink. 

I used a "sunflower" stamp,
state flower of Kansas,
but not the classic yellow and brown colors!
The pendant is dark blue polymer clay,
topped with metallic acrylic paints
and mica powders.  Then sealed.

The lines in the flower petals reminded me of the folds in the Shibori ribbon, so I went in search of ribbon to match my pendant.

And I found my perfect dream color!
It amazing how "rich" looking this ribbon is.
The color in the folds is different than outside the fold,
adding depth and texture to the look!

Luckily, I already had copper clamps from a previous project and these worked wonderfully with the ribbon.  I made a copper clasp and added a bit of chain to the back of the piece.

My design was simple and that's the way I planned it.  But it was "too" simple.  I wanted to make it asymmetrical (yes, I keep trying)!  

I made it so there was more ribbon on one side, then added the clasp and a fun mood-bead to the lower side.

In the front, I decided to make a small copper bail with purple patina, then found I already had one made! What luck was that?!

"Yes," I thought, "this will work nicely!"

Then, before I could call it quits, I decided to add a few of my colorful metallic "Funky Flat Poly Beads" to the focal!
More of these colors coming to the store soon!

The beads connect the copper/purple bail
and the polymer clay sunflower pendant.

Now before I show the entire piece, I have to share with you this bracelet I had just made. It too reminded me of the folds in the ribbon and the color seemed just right!

Altered Brass Bracelet in Violet and Gold

The finished pieces.

I'm anxious to see what the others do with Shibori Silk Ribbon.  I'm not sure my use as a chain-substitute was as inspired as it might have been, but it feels so soft against the neck and I love the colors I was working with here!   

I still have another strip of ribbon, so we'll see what else I can dream up!

In the meantime, please let's go visit the other participants and see their creations!   My thanks to Tanya Goodwin for hosting this event and introducing me to Shibori ribbon!

Tanya Goodwin (host) "A Work in Progress"


Sharyl      <---  (You are here!)

Thanks and see you next time!  --Sharyl



Lori Bowring Michaud said...

Isn't it wonderful when things come together like this?! Absolutely lovely set you've created!

Linda Younkman said...

Awesome work Sharyl. I love that the ribbon mimics the folds in the flower and your color combo is fantastic. I love the funky flat poly beads and what an inspiration - the bracelet. Love it all!

Therese's Treasures said...

Beautiful pieces Sharyl, I love how you were able to find the ribbon to match your beautiful pendant.

Catherine King said...

I just love what you have put together. I have always embroidered Shibori but I love the texture, your composition and boy do you have my mind just going right now.
Well done!

Maryanne said...

Beautiful! The colors are so wonderful and go together so well!

Christine Altmiller said...

I am in awe of how well all your colors came had it all matched up and looking mighty lovely! What a beautiful set with gorgeous, inspiring colors and textures. When I get more ribbon, I am mostly going to use it as a is so luxurious and those pleats beg to be seen. I think you used the ribbon perfectly here ~ you really let it shine!

Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

I love how you incorporated so many of your own components in your design, Sharyl... they are such a perfect presentation with the ribbon. Isn't is cool when a design comes together so seamlessly? Beautiful and elegant :)

Wendy said...

what a beautiful piece! the necklace is gorgeous, the ribbon is the perfect accompaniment to the focals. I love the bracelet too

Unknown said...

So pretty, Cheryl! Love the pendant & the ribbon accents it perfectly!

Tanya said...

Those colors are so dreamy and I love how the ribbon matched your pendant so well! I bet it feels just amazing to wear.

I like how the ribbon ends keep part of the ribbon wide and let the pleating show.

The bracelet is awesome also. The folds do look like the ribbon. The set is so pretty!

Thank you so much for playing!

Honey from the Bee said...

An absolute perfect match! Don't you love when that serendipity happens?

Mary Harding said...

Your purple shibori ribbon is just perfect with your handmade components. Love the way that ribbon drapes with your unique and fun pendant!!

Sharyl said...

Thank you all so very much! I'm getting a later start than you in looking at pages. Will be visiting yours soon! --Sharyl

Shel said...

Oh my what a gorgeous set this is Sharyl!! Your pendant is just beautiful. That ribbon is something - looks soft and fabulous.

AntiquityTravelers said...

what a royal, elegant piece! love the rich purple in your design - just beautiful!

PyxeeStyx said...

Love the set. Awesome combination of textures.

Sharyl said...

You all cheer me to no end! Know how sometime you wonder if something you make is a "hit" or a "miss?" I had that feeling with this piece. Thanks for cheering me on!

I have to say I'm humbled, as I expected to be, by the other participants. What FABULOUS entries! This was such a great idea for a blog hop! My thanks again to Tanya!

motidana said...

What a beautiful setting for the lovely polymer clay pendant you have made. I love the color purple and the texture of the shibori ribbon matches the pendant so well !

Shirley said...

Oh my heavens! I love how well everything coordinated! And what a awesome way to showcase your great designs! You are such a multi talented woman!

Anonymous said...

a whole ensemble. like a symphony in lavender! thanks for trying out the ribbon i love dyeing . it's great to see what everyone is doing with it!

Sharyl said...

Thank you, ShiboriGirl! You make it all possible! Thanks to all, and a special thanks to Shaiha for your "secret" note! ;-)

Pepita said...

What a perfect match!!! You've come up with a beautful set!!