Thursday, April 17, 2014

Meeting friends and making new ones!

Last week, I had the good fortune to meet up with some Facebook pals and make some other new jewelry friends too!   It all happened a couple of days apart!

I took this photo of Kate
during her visit!
I had met Kate McCullough on Facebook well over a year ago and we have kept up since!   She special-ordered a bracelet which I made for her.   At the time, she was making jewelry too and had an Etsy store.  Later she expanded to selling some of her  knitted items too. She sent me a gift of some fingerless mitts, and I liked them so much, I special ordered pairs for all my family (plus an extra set for myself) for the holidays!  I love those mitts so much, I keep a pair in my office here for when my hands get cold while typing and a pair in my car.   I don't think I'll ever go without a pair ever again! 

(Kate's photo again!)

Anyway, Kate has been in art school and now makes wonderful drawings and paintings and sculptures!   When we met in person last week, she presented me with a beautiful bird painting which promptly went on my dining room wall when I got home, just above a favorite antique chest.   It's just perfect for the spot! 

It's too dark tonight to take a photo
of the framed painting as Kate presented it.
Hopefully she won't mind that
I've "borrowed" this one from her FB page! 

Kate and her daughter came to Kansas City for a knitting conference.   So not only did I get to meet both of them, they also took me on a tour of the conference knitting exhibitions.    Like a new jewelry-maker not knowing about art beads, I was brand new to the knitting world!  I never imagined there could be so many types of yarns, so many colors, that wool could be so soft, ...or that a skein of yarn could be so expensive!   But hand-made, hand-dyed, hand-spun is art too! It's beautiful and well worth it!   I had a great day that Saturday and hope they did too!   

Tanya's entry & photo

On the Tuesday following, I met up with my friend, Tanya Goodwin, author of the blog, "A Work in Progress."   (By the way, Tanya just hosted her first blog hop and it was a hit!  If you missed my last blog post visit Tanya's blog to see all the wonderful entries featuring Shibori Ribbon!)  


Tanya and I have done several craft fair events together and this day we spent some time eating and chatting and planning what events we might like to do this year!   We discussed the pros and cons and expenses and challenges and rewards of doing outdoor events!  (That gave us a lot to think about!)  

Tanya was wearing the most gorgeous jewelry, all made by her own hands. Her necklace included a wonderful pendant made by Staci Louise Smith's SLArtisanAccents store.   (The envy that inspired!)  She also had on earrings with components from yours truly and an amazing chain maille bracelet!  All pieces were in a luscious shade of purple!  I wish I had taken a photo of Tanya that day, but alas, I didn't take the camera...


Valorie Tate
Valorie's photo--
yep swiping photos again!
That same evening, I had the chance to meet Valorie Tate, who I had met on Facebook more recently.  What fun to meet her in person too!   Valorie recently opened a Zibbet store called "StudioDelaine."  I bet she might appreciate a "Like" and "follow" to her StudioDelaine Facebook page too!   (Remember, on Facebook, whatever you "Like" also "Follow!")

Valorie had invited me to dinner and a meeting with the Kansas City Polymer Clay Guild, where I made even more new friends!   They were a delightful, talented group of artists and it was wonderful to meet with them.   Though the meetings are on a night when I usually work, I hope I can attend again in the future!  (Did I take my camera?  Of course not!   But trust me, we were there!) 

I had such a great time meeting with jewelry friends last week, and I hope I have a chance to meet more of you in the future!  

Best wishes!


Photo credits go to the following:

Kate McCullough
Tanya Goodwin
Valorie Tate

Sorry and thank you!


Carole M. said...

a sweet post Sharyl and it's so special to meet up with online friends like you have. I did similarly recently, with a Chicago couple who are just flying into home today after a good month or more about Australia.

Sharyl said...

What fun, Carole! Glad you got to see them! Hope we get to meet one day!