Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Happy Almost-Thanksgiving, Traditions, + Holiday Sales Update!

Happy Almost-Thanksgiving!  

For those who celebrate this holiday, many people have their own ideas about how to celebrate (time for eating, for family, shopping, resting, recreation).   

For me, above all else, I like to think of this holiday as a celebration of peace and goodwill among people with differences.  There is a lot of room for that in the world today as much as in history.

But given the more current traditions I mentioned earlier, I thought I'd share with you a few things about how I celebrate:   

1)  I enjoy Thanksgiving feasting too, but as a vegetarian, don't partake in the most traditional of foods, the turkey.   I'm often asked what we eat for Thanksgiving.   (In essence, everything but the turkey and gravy!   Kindly, our family cooks substitute vegetable for chicken broth in dishes.   It's pretty much starch-heaven with a few veggies thrown in!  Yummmm!)

"Eat More Potatoes!" 

2)  Family time-- I have a small family.   Sometimes we gather with my sister and  her small family.  We're still a small group, but it more than doubles the size!  

3) Shopping-- I hate getting out and fighting crowds  in large stores so much that I don't do it much any time of the year, much less during the month of Dec!   I do enjoy shopping small local stores and online though!   There will be plenty of sales this weekend. (I'll help out the economy as best I can!  ha!)  Watch for the upcoming ones at the Artisan Component Marketplace, as well as others of our friends who sell their handmade goods online in any number of venues!    

4)  Resting?  I doubt it!   In addition to my handmade jewelry business (and I'm hoping I'll have lots of visitors this year), I work for a company that provides online chat Reference service to libraries around the world 24/7, including holidays!  We'll be VERY BUSY since most libraries in the U.S. will be closed. 

5) Recreation?   My husband will likely watch sports.   If I'm  lucky, I can squeeze in the watching of a movie at home!   Hope so!    I'll also be online checking my stores and Facebook, to see if anyone has questions.   

6)  Sharing my handmade creations (aka, Selling!)--  Let the sales begin!   I didn't include this in my previous list, but slipping it in now!  I have 3 online stores plus items in a new local art gallery, Art by Avis & Others.   

My online stores are listed below with links.   You can  get 20% off at all of them by using the code  THANKS20.   Sale begins Wed. 11/26 and runs through Mon., 12/1. 

Metapolies™    (components only)
 Artisan Component Marketplace

Metapolies™     (jewelry & components)

Sharyl's Jewelry & Metapolies
 Artfire               (jewelry & components)

Also, if you buy from more than one of my online stores in the same day, I'll combine the shipping and refund you the additional amount!

I'll put out a "shopping guide" in the next day or two to offer some suggestions from my stores and others!    So if you haven't signed up for my blog, please do! (Upper right on this page.)     Also watch my Facebook pages  (personal & business) for holiday sales events!  (Please click "get notifications" after liking so you receive updates!)

I hope you'll share how YOU spend Thanksgiving in the comments!    And whatever you do, hope your day and weekend is grand!

My sincere thanks to all of you!

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Unknown said...

First and foremost I have five whole days off work in a row to spend with family. That is wonderful. I am a vegetarian too. Since I and one sister have also been vegetarian from a young age, our parents and other sister have just found it easier to eat vegetarian with us. If my brother-in-law and sister's girlfriend are here, there might be some sort of meat in the mix, but that isn't the case this year. As a smaller group, we're having homemade veggie pizza! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Sharyl said...

Thanks for responding, Ann! So much fun to hear what you'll be doing and how you spend your holiday! The veggie pizza sounds terrific! Save me a slice! :-D