Friday, November 14, 2014

What's New at Metapolies™?

Wondering what's new at Metapolies (ACM/Etsy) and Sharyl's Jewelry (Artfire)?  

1)   Last Sat. was the Grand Opening Event of the Artisan Component Marketplace.  Thanks to all of you who visited, shopped, and participated in all sorts of ways!   And thanks to Marla James for organizing ACM and the event!

The winner of the random prize drawing from Metapolies was....

Marybeth Rich!

Marybeth is the owner and designer at Forest of Jewels on Etsy.
You can find her store's page on Facebook too!

* * * * *

2)  Marybeth and many others (click here for list) will be participating in the Pine Ridge Treasure's Clay and Metal Blog Hop this Saturday organized and sponsored by Lisa Lodge!   While the designers are using packets featuring polymer clay and metal components from my stores, this is all Lisa's doing, and I'm so honored by it!   Over the past year, Lisa has collected the components for her unique designer packets.   (I don't even know what the packets look like!)

The fun part is that I just get to sit back and admire the designers' work.  I'm so looking forward to it!   

Lisa Lodge's Blog Hop
My sincere gratitude to Lisa for hosting this event and her support of me through the years.   Lisa is well-known for her blog hops, but be sure to look her up if you haven't already!

Where you can find Lisa online:

Lisa's blog,  A Grateful Artist
Pine Ridge Treasures on Facebook
Pine Ridge Treasures Jewelry on Zibbet

* * * * * 

3) A couple of weeks back, a few of us Kansas City area artisans hosted booths at the Holiday Treasures Craft Festival in Shawnee, KS.

I was there, of course, taking the photos!

Tanya Goodwin, my lovely friend from
A Work in Progress,
brought fun new chain maille necklaces,

bracelets,... well as some of her lovely,
intricate bead work!
I love sharing a booth with Tanya!  
(This was our 3rd year of doing this event together!)
She's helpful, friendly, and really makes the day pass in such a pleasant way!
Thank you, Tanya!

Next to us this year, for the first time ever, was the team of Mike and Carol.

Mike Flint is a lampwork
and stained glass artist.
And to support his efforts,
Carol made jewelry
to help show off some of his great holiday beads!

Friend, Patti B (not shown), even brought some of her handmade paper bead
jewelry pieces
and demonstrated her skills
in making paper beads for intrigued passers-by!

The stained glass fronts Mike makes for instruments drew much attention too!

Fisherman Banjo
Abstract Violin

TY, Jenna & Kevin!
We had a great day and enjoyed seeing our family and friends who came out to see us and lend a helping hand.  We were glad to meet lots of new folks too!  

Our thanks to all who support us, in so many ways!  Best wishes until we meet again!  ~Sharyl

* * * * *
Image Credits:

Pine Ridge Blog Hop Event Logo by Lisa Lodge

All other photos by  Sharyl, Oct/Nov. 2014

* * * * *

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Shirley said...

Oh goodness! Where to start? Well, I guess I'll congratulate MaryBeth on her win, even though I was looking hard for that code word!
And I had no idea you were the master producer behind Lisa's blog hop, how exciting! I'm sure all the participants are thrilled to get to create with your pieces. Can't wait to see their efforts.
I love all the show pics. Tanya is such an incredible designer, I bet y'all had a lot of fun hanging out. I am just blown away by your table neighbors skill! Love that violin!!!