Saturday, April 11, 2015

Metapolies™ Store Update -- And then there was one...

Is it with sadness that I announce I have closed my Metapolies store on the Artisan Component Marketplace.   I started with the project before the site opened last year and was honored to have been selected by Marla James to be even a small part of its development.   I think ACM  provides a terrific opportunity for artisans selling their handmade beads and components, and sincerely wish I could continue with it.  

...I encourage you to continue shopping there and if you haven't taken a look yet, please do!     (Shop ACM here.)  There are beautiful hand-made art beads from around the world!   I'll feature some of them in future blog posts.

I'm finding that in addition to other commitments, trying to keep up multiple stores at once is not currently feasible for me, so I'm going back to having just one online store, for a while at least.   Because I need to be able to sell both my components and jewelry, I decided to keep the Metapolies™ store on Etsy I opened last year.  

The store on Etsy is now much better stocked with jewelry, polymer clay beads, and metal components.  I have many more items (especially jewelry) ready to list and hope to get those added in the near future.

My thanks to you all who have visited my stores as I've added, subtracted, and experimented with store venues this past year.   It has been a great learning experience for me, and I hope you have benefited by it in some ways also.  
For now,  a sigh of relief for me, as I settle down to my remaining store.  I look for many good things to come from this!  I'm hopeful the additional time will allow me to keep the store full of interesting items for you, and I'll be able to refocus my attention on:

  •  creating new designs, 
  • blogging, and 
  • marketing.

My sincere thanks and best wishes to all,


P.S.  To recap:  

I'll be working on updating whatever links I've not yet changed in the next day or two.   


Tammie T Everly said...

Good for you. I had to do something similar and let go of my Art Fire and step back from some other things too. I now have Etsy & my 'Square Market' to focus on. It gets frenetic pretty fast if I don't keep my self limited- Good Luck!

Sharyl said...

Thank you so very much for leaving this comment, Tammie! It feels better knowing others have faced this same decision. I'd love to hear more about "Square Market." I'm not sure what that is! Many thanks to you for your support! --Sharyl

Roxanne said...

This is my first time visiting your blog and I must say everything is beautiful...I will have to check out the marketplace and your etsy shop...I am now following your blog..I just recently started mine at
Have to get my pictures up so I can have some followers...good luck with everything and I will be checking back soon!!

Sharyl said...

Roxanne, how nice to have a new follower! I tried going to your blog but couldn't pull it up. Perhaps I'm typing something incorrectly or you haven't gone "live" with it yet? Please let us know when you do!

What kinds of topics are of interest to you? I hope to do more blogging again in the future!

Very best wishes to you! --Sharyl

ShadowDogDesigns said...

I totally understand your need for just one venue to sell, Sharyl. Best of luck on Etsy. I know where to find you (: BTW, the last components I ordered are beautiful, as always!

Sharyl said...

Thank you, Catherine! You are a dear! I appreciate your kindness and understanding throughout these transitions, more than you can know. Thanks for following me from place-to-place. I'm so grateful for that!

So glad you liked the new components too! :-) --Sharyl