Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter, Happy Spring!

Two posts in one day, but I wanted to wish everyone who celebrates Easter, a very happy, joyful (ad-free) one!  

easter greetingsIn our family, it's a time we remember many wonderful childhood Easters and also keep warm  the memory of my Mother (who passed away on an Easter day). 

While I'm hoping to visit my sister and family this afternoon, we're also hoping for a very safe delivery of a new "grand niece" today!  I hope your day is also full of promise!

Wishing you all lovely Spring holidays!


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Shai Williams said...

It sounds like this is/was an eventful day. Did your great niece make an appearance?

ShadowDogDesigns said...

Happy Easter a little late you you, Sharyl. And I hope the grand niece is safe and sound and beautiful!

Sharyl said...

So nice of you both to ask, but for some reason, the delivery date was postponed until later this week. Soon, we're hoping soon! :-) Thank you both!