Saturday, March 10, 2012

Celtic Collection, Continued

I've been hoping to add to the Celtic pieces in my Artfire studio for more than a week.   Well, I finally made a bit more headway in the last day or two.   Here are 3 new pieces I finished and just added to the studio for purchase.   I still have a couple more pieces that are partially done, so there will be a few more yet.  Here are today's three:  

Kells Earrings in Teal

Handmade lampwork beads by Beth Singleton
Silver-plated celtic design beads, accent beads.
Sterling silver filled earhooks were made by me.

Note:  If you follow me on Facebook too, you've probably heard me talk about practicing making earwires.  If not, here's the mini-scoop:  I've been trying to make more of my own findings so that I can learn new skills, maintain good quality,  and attempt to control costs.   These are not major works of art on par with lampwork or anything, by any means...However, just for today, I'll point out a few of the pieces I've done.    Remember, baby steps....   :-)

Irish Lavender Necklace

Celtic scroll pendant, lavender quartz, carnelian, 

connecting to antiqued silver chain.

Chain in front and 
double layer of satin and sheer lavender ribbon in the back
are connected  by clasps made of  scrolled, hammered wire  and large jumprings.  
These clasps are in the front 

and can be opened from either side.   
(Scrolled wire clasps handmade by me.  

I actually did a lot of this a year or so ago,
then tired of it and just revived it for this piece.)

The ribbons can be seen at the very top of the photograph.

Hint of Mint Earrings

12mm Czech Class Crystals with just a hint of green, olive green rondelles,
and loads of antiqued copper wire and accent beads.  
Earhooks handmade by me.

As I mention in an entry in my studio, Celtic jewelry is not a one-day event for me.   St. Patrick's Day is just a good reason to be reminded of all things Celtic.   When it comes to holidays, I personally associate Halloween/Samhain more with the Irish than I do St. Pat's; 
it's a much more ancient tradition.  
But no matter when or how or if you celebrate, 
I hope you will enjoy my tribute to all things Celtic.  It's a part of my heritage, and 
a source of inspiration and enjoyment to me.  I enjoy sharing it with you!

Best wishes and Happy March!


P.S. You don't have to like Celtic-inspired jewelry to enjoy the current sale.  All things green are also on sale!


Therese's Treasures said...

Beautiful pieces. I have made clasps and connectors, but I have not made earring findings yet. Yours look very nice and well done.
Celebrating your herritage is always a good thing.

Carole M. said...

lovely to see your charming Celtic touch Sharyl. Great to venture into creating your own findings too